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Open access2016_Morote_Hernandez_GeografiskTidsskrift_rev.pdf.jpg2016Green areas and water management in residential developments in the European Western Mediterranean. A case study of Alicante, SpainMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2017_Morote_etal_GeoRes_final.pdf.jpgde novembre-2017Critical review of desalination in Spain: a resource for the future?Morote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Rico, Antonio; Moltó Mantero, Enrique
Open access2019_Morote_etal_Water.pdf.jpg8-de gener-2019The Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources as a Means of Adaptation to Drought and Climate Change in Semi-Arid Regions: South-Eastern SpainMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Hernández-Hernández, María
Restricted access2019_Zaragozi_etal_HistoricalMethods_final.pdf.jpg30-d’abril-2019A graph-based analysis for generating geographical context from a historical cadastre in Spain (17th and 18th centuries)Zaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel; Gimenez-Font, Pablo; Belda, Antonio; Ramon-Morte, Alfredo
Open access2019_Banos_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg19-d’agost-2019The Hydrosocial Cycle in Coastal Tourist Destinations in Alicante, Spain: Increasing Resilience to DroughtBaños Castiñeira, Carlos Javier; Hernández-Hernández, María; Rico, Antonio; Olcina Cantos, Jorge
Open access2019_Morote_etal_UrbanSci.pdf.jpg7-de gener-2019Water Management in Urban Sprawl Typologies in the City of Alicante (Southern Spain): New Trends and Perception after the Economic Crisis?Morote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Rico, Antonio; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2019_Hernandez_Morote_UPLanD.pdf.jpg18-de maig-2019The use of rainwater in Alicante (southeast Spain). A new urban approach to urban water managementHernández-Hernández, María; Morote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco
Restricted access2019_Tirado_Hernandez_EuroPlannStud_final.pdf.jpg20-de novembre-2018Promoting tourism through the EU LEADER programme: understanding Local Action Group governanceTirado-Ballesteros, Juan Gabriel; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2019_Martinez-Medina_etal_IntArchPhotogrammRemoteSensSpatialInfSci.pdf.jpg19-d’agost-2019Bunkers of the Spanish War: From the Rearguard to the Technical Culture of the Inter-War Period. The Case of Clot de GalvanyMartínez-Medina, Andrés; Marco Molina, Juan Antonio; Juan Gutiérrez, Pablo Jeremías