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Open accessLaze_etal_2023_OrgLett.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2023Alkanes in Minisci-Type Reaction under Photocatalytic Conditions with Hydrogen EvolutionLaze, Loris; Quevedo-Flores, Beatriz; Bosque, Irene, et al
Open access2016_Anton_etal_OrgBiomolChem_final.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2016Concise asymmetric syntheses of novel phenanthroquinolizidinesAnton-Torrecillas, Cintia; Loza, María Isabel; Brea, José, et al
Open accessBosque_etal_2020_OrgChemFront_final.pdf.jpg26-May-2020Cross-dehydrogenative coupling involving benzylic and allylic C–H bondsBosque, Irene; Chinchilla, Rafael; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C., et al
Open access2019_Ramirez_etal_OrgLett_final.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2019Decarboxylative Cyanation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids via Visible-Light Flavin PhotocatalysisRamírez, Nieves P.; König, Burkhard; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2017_Ramirez_Gonzalez_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2017Decarboxylative Giese-Type Reaction of Carboxylic Acids Promoted by Visible Light: A Sustainable and Photoredox-Neutral ProtocolRamírez, Nieves P.; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2013_Yus_etal_CR_final.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2013Diastereoselective Allylation of Carbonyl Compounds and Imines: Application to the Synthesis of Natural ProductsYus, Miguel; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.; Foubelo, Francisco
Open access2020_Ramirez_etal_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2020Direct Decarboxylative Allylation and Arylation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids Using Flavin‐Mediated Photoredox CatalysisRamírez, Nieves P.; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open accessEstruch-Blasco_etal_2021_OrgChemFront_final.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2021Electrochemically site-selective alkoxylation of twisted 2-arylbenzoic acids via spirolactonizationEstruch Blasco, Manel; Bosque, Irene; Guijarro, David, et al
Open access2013-XI-Jornadas-Redes-03.pdf.jpg2013Evaluación continua y análisis de resultados en las asignaturas del grado de química impartidas por el departamento de química orgánicaAlonso, Diego A.; Alonso, Francisco; Baeza, Alejandro, et al
Open access2013_Bosque_etal_OBC_final.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2013A general protocol to afford enantioenriched linear homoprenylic aminesBosque, Irene; Foubelo, Francisco; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2015_Azuaje_etal_JOC_final.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2015Integrated Ugi-Based Assembly of Functionally, Skeletally, and Stereochemically Diverse 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-onesAzuaje, Jhonny; Pérez-Rubio, José M.; Yaziji, Vicente, et al
Open access2019_Felipe_Gonzalez_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2019Metal‐Free Arylation‐Lactonization Sequence of γ‐Alkenoic Acids Using Anilines as Aryl Radical PrecursorsFelipe-Blanco, Diego; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2014_Bosque_etal_JOC_final.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2014Natural Tetraponerines: A General Synthesis and Antiproliferative ActivityBosque, Irene; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.; Loza, María Isabel, et al
Open accessLaze_etal_2023_EurJOrgChem.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2022Oxidative Coupling of 4-Hydroxycoumarins with Quinoxalin-2(1H)-ones Induced by Visible Light under Aerobic ConditionsLaze, Loris; Romero, Paula; Bosque, Irene, et al
Open access2015_Ramirez_etal_OrgLett_final.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2015Photocatalytic Dehydrogenative Lactonization of 2-Arylbenzoic AcidsRamírez, Nieves P.; Bosque, Irene; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2017_Gonzalez-Gomez_etal_OrgBiomolChem_accepted.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2017A photoredox-neutral Smiles rearrangement of 2-aryloxybenzoic acidsGonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.; Ramírez, Nieves P.; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa, et al
Open access2016_Anton_etal_OrgBiomolChem.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2016A radical addition/cyclization of diverse ethers to 2-isocyanobiaryls under mildly basic aqueous conditionsAnton-Torrecillas, Cintia; Felipe-Blanco, Diego; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open accessEstruch-Blasco_etal_2020_JOrgChem_final.pdf.jpg18-May-2020Radical Arylation of Triphenyl Phosphite Catalyzed by Salicylic Acid: Mechanistic Investigations and Synthetic ApplicationsEstruch Blasco, Manel; Felipe-Blanco, Diego; Bosque, Irene, et al
Open access2014_Bosque_etal_JOC_final.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2014Regio- and Stereoselective Aminopentadienylation of Carbonyl CompoundsBosque, Irene; Bagdatli, Emine; Foubelo, Francisco, et al
Open access2017_Felipe-Blanco_etal_AdvSynthCatal_final.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2017Salicylic Acid-Catalyzed One-Pot Hydrodeamination of Aromatic Amines by tert-Butyl Nitrite in TetrahydrofuranFelipe-Blanco, Diego; Alonso, Francisco; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.