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Open accessZaragoza-Marti_etal_2022_FrontNutr.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2022Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Pregnancy and Its Benefits on Maternal-Fetal Health: A Systematic Review of the LiteratureZaragoza Martí, Ana; Ruiz-Ródenas, Nuria; Herranz-Chofre, Irene, et al
Open accessCliment-Perez_etal_2022_Data-in-Brief.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2022Dataset of acceleration signals recorded while performing activities of daily livingCliment-Pérez, Pau; Muñoz-Antón, Ángela M.; Poli, Angelica, et al
Open accessCliment_Florez_2022_Sensors.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2022Privacy-Preserving Human Action Recognition with a Many-Objective Evolutionary AlgorithmCliment-Pérez, Pau; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco
Restricted accessSignes-Pont_etal_2021_Kybernetes_final.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2020An epidemic model to address the spread of plant pests. The case of Xylella fastidiosa in almond treesSignes Pont, María Teresa; Cortés-Plana, José Juan; Mora, Higinio, et al
Open accessAlarco-Rosales_etal_2021_Healthcare.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2021Effects of a School-Based Intervention for Preventing Substance Use among Adolescents at Risk of Academic Failure: A Pilot Study of the Reasoning and Rehabilitation V2 ProgramAlarcó-Rosales, Raquel; Sanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario, et al
Open accessAzorin-Lopez_etal_2021_PeerJComputSci.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2021Iterative multilinear optimization for planar model fitting under geometric constraintsAzorin-Lopez, Jorge; Sebban, Marc; Fuster-Guilló, Andrés, et al
Open accessGonzalez-Gross_etal_2021_Nutrients.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2021Is Energy Expenditure or Physical Activity Considered When Energy Intake Is Measured? A Scoping Review 1975–2015González-Gross, Marcela; Aparicio-Ugarriza, Raquel; Calonge-Pascual, Sergio, et al
Open accessWilkowska_etal_2021_IntJHuman–ComputInteract_final.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2021Video Cameras for Lifelogging at Home: Preferred Visualization Modes, Acceptance, and Privacy Perceptions among German and Turkish ParticipantsWilkowska, Wiktoria; Offermann-van Heek, Julia; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco, et al
Open accessSanchez-SanSegundo_etal_2021_Nutrients.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2021The Role of BMI, Body Fat Mass and Visceral Fat in Executive Function in Individuals with Overweight and ObesitySanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Zaragoza Martí, Ana; Martín Llaguno, Iciar, et al
Open accessZaragoza-Marti_etal_2021_FrontNutr.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2021Effects of the Mediterranean Lifestyle During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Spain: Preliminary StudyZaragoza Martí, Ana; Sanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario, et al
Open accessRumbo-Rodriguez_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2021Comparison of Body Scanner and Manual Anthropometric Measurements of Body Shape: A Systematic ReviewRumbo-Rodríguez, Lorena; Sanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario, et al
Open accessDimitrievski_etal_2021_Sensors.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2021Towards Detecting Pneumonia Progression in COVID-19 Patients by Monitoring Sleep Disturbance Using Data Streams of Non-Invasive Sensor NetworksDimitrievski, Ace; Zdravevski, Eftim; Lameski, Petre, et al
Open accessCliment_Florez_2021_MultimedToolsAppl_final.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2021Protection of visual privacy in videos acquired with RGB cameras for active and assisted living applicationsCliment-Pérez, Pau; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco
Open accessFlorez-Revuelta_2021_ApplSci.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2021EvoSplit: An Evolutionary Approach to Split a Multi-Label Data Set into Disjoint SubsetsFlórez-Revuelta, Francisco
Open accessSignes-Pont_etal_2021_MathComputAppl.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2021An Epidemic Grid Model to Address the Spread of Covid-19: A Comparison Between Italy, Germany and FranceSignes Pont, María Teresa; Cortés-Plana, José Juan; Mora, Higinio
Open accessCliment_Florez_2021_Sensors.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2021Improved Action Recognition with Separable Spatio-Temporal Attention Using Alternative Skeletal and Video Pre-ProcessingCliment-Pérez, Pau; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco
Open accessSanchez-Sansegundo_etal_2020_Diagnostics.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2020Neurocognitive Functioning and Suicidal Behavior in Violent Offenders with Schizophrenia Spectrum DisordersSanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Portilla-Tamarit, Irene; Rubio-Aparicio, María, et al
Open accessRumbo-Rodriguez_etal_2020_Nutrients.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2020Use of Technology-Based Interventions in the Treatment of Patients with Overweight and Obesity: A Systematic ReviewRumbo-Rodríguez, Lorena; Sanchez-SanSegundo, Miriam; Ruiz-Robledillo, Nicolás, et al
Open accessAlcocer-Bruno_etal_2020_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2020Personal and Lifestyle Determinants of HIV Transmission Risk in Spanish University StudentsAlcocer-Bruno, Cristian; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario; Ruiz-Robledillo, Nicolás, et al
Open accessVillena-Martinez_etal_2020_ApplSci.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2020When Deep Learning Meets Data Alignment: A Review on Deep Registration Networks (DRNs)Villena Martínez, Víctor; Oprea, Sergiu; Saval-Calvo, Marcelo, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 190