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Restricted accessTortosa_etal_2021_ApplMathComput_final.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2021An algorithm for ranking the nodes of multiplex networks with data based on the PageRank conceptTortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F.; Yeghikyan, Gevorg
Open access2018_Agryzkov_etal_ApplMathComp_final.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2018An algorithm to compute data diversity index in spatial networksAgryzkov, Taras; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F.
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-I3CE-2020-21_145.pdf.jpg2021Análisis de la transición de clases presenciales a modalidad onlineCosta, Angelo; Martinez-Martin, Ester; Escolano, Francisco, et al
Open access2016_Agryzkov_etal_ApplNetSci.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2016Analysing successful public spaces in an urban street network using data from the social networks Foursquare and TwitterAgryzkov, Taras; Martí Ciriquián, Pablo; Nolasco-Cirugeda, Almudena, et al
Open accessCurado_etal_2020_JComputationalSci_final.pdf.jpgMay-2020Analysis and comparison of centrality measures applied to urban networks with dataCurado, Manuel; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F., et al
Open access2017_Agryzkov_etal_ISPRS-IntJGeo-Inf.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2017Analysis of the Patrimonial Conservation of a Quito Suburb without Altering Its Commercial Structure by Means of a Centrality Measure for Urban NetworksAgryzkov, Taras; Oliver, Jose-Luis; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Restricted access2014_Agryzkov_etal_IJGIS_final.pdf.jpg2014Analyzing the commercial activities of a street network by ranking their nodes: a case study in Murcia, SpainAgryzkov, Taras; Oliver, Jose-Luis; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-ICE-2021-22_072.pdf.jpg2022Cambio de metodología para mejorar la enseñanza-aprendizaje de Matemáticas 2Martinez-Martin, Ester; Costa, Angelo; Vicent, Jose F., et al
Open access2017_Agryzcov_etal_EnvPlanB_final.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2017A centrality measure for urban networks based on the eigenvector centrality conceptAgryzkov, Taras; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F., et al
EmbargoedCurado_etal_2022_JComputSci_accepted.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2022A centrality model for directed graphs based on the Two-Way-Random Path and associated indices for characterizing the nodesCurado, Manuel; Rodriguez, Rocio; Terroso-Sáenz, Fernando, et al
Open access2018_Agryzkov_etal_ISPRSIntJGeo-Inf.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2018Combining the Two-Layers PageRank Approach with the APA Centrality in Networks with DataAgryzkov, Taras; Pedroche, Francisco; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Open accessPerez-Sala_etal_2023_ChaosSolitons&Fractals.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2023Deep learning model of convolutional neural networks powered by a genetic algorithm for prevention of traffic accidents severityPérez-Sala, Luis; Curado, Manuel; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Open access2017_Agryzkov_etal_WIT-TES.pdf.jpg2017Different Types of Graphs to Model a CityAgryzkov, Taras; Oliver, Jose-Luis; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Open access2019_Pedroche_etal_Symmetry.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2019An Eigenvector Centrality for Multiplex Networks with DataPedroche, Francisco; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F.
Open accessInnovaciones-metodologicas-docencia-universitaria_21.pdf.jpg2016Evaluación de la implantación transversal de 3º del grado en Ingeniera MultimediaIñesta, José M.; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Sanchez-Romero, Jose-Luis, et al
Open access2008_Navarro_etal_WSEAS.pdf.jpg2008Evaluating approximations generated by the GNG3D method for mesh simplificationNavarro, Pedro R.; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F., et al
Open accessGarcia-Siguenza_etal_2023_InformatSci.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2023Explainability techniques applied to road traffic forecasting using Graph Neural Network modelsGarcía-Sigüenza, Javier; Llorens Largo, Faraón; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Open access2019_Agryzkov_etal_Symmetry.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2019Extending the Adapted PageRank Algorithm Centrality to Multiplex Networks with Data Using the PageRank Two-Layer ApproachAgryzkov, Taras; Curado, Manuel; Pedroche, Francisco, et al
Open access2019_Agryzkov_etal_Symmetry.pdf.jpg23-May-2019Extracting Information from an Urban Network by Combining a Visibility Index and a City Data SetAgryzkov, Taras; Oliver, Jose-Luis; Tortosa, Leandro, et al
Restricted accessCurado_etal_2021_ApplMathComput_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2021Identifying mobility patterns by means of centrality algorithms in multiplex networksCurado, Manuel; Tortosa, Leandro; Vicent, Jose F.