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Open access2014_Kunowsky_etal_AST_final.pdf.jpgOct-2014Activated Carbon Fibre Monoliths for Hydrogen StorageKunowsky, Mirko; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Linares-Solano, Angel
Restricted access2015_Kunowsky_etal_IJACT_final.pdf.jpgNov-2015Applications for CO2-Activated Carbon Monoliths: I. Gas StorageKunowsky, Mirko; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Suárez García, Fabián, et al
Restricted access2013_Alcaniz_etal_ApplCatAGen_final.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2013Biodiesel production by acid catalysis with heteropolyacids supported on activated carbon fibersAlcañiz-Monge, Juan; Trautwein, Guido; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo
Restricted accessCarbon47-09-1018_Tratamiento electroquimica CA.pdf.jpgApr-2009Effect of electrochemical treatments on the surface chemistry of activated carbonBerenguer Betrián, Raúl; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Quijada Tomás, César, et al
Open access2014_Marco-Lozar_etal_Carbon.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2014Gas Storage Scale-up at Room Temperature on High Density Carbon MaterialsMarco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Kunowsky, Mirko; Carruthers, James Donald, et al
Restricted accessKunowsky2012_Hydrogen_storage_in_CO2-activated_amorphous_nanofibers_and_their_monoliths.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2011Hydrogen storage in CO2-activated amorphous nanofibers and their monolithsKunowsky, Mirko; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Oya, Asao, et al
Open access2018_Berenguer-Murcia_etal_ChemRec_final.pdf.jpgJul-2018Hydrogen Storage in Porous Materials: Status, Milestones, and ChallengesBerenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Open access878329.pdf.jpg2013Material demands for storage technologies in a hydrogen economyKunowsky, Mirko; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Linares-Solano, Angel
Open access2012_Linares-Solano_etal_IJEEE.pdf.jpg2012NaOH and KOH for preparing activated carbons used in energy and environmental applicationsLinares-Solano, Angel; Lillo-Rodenas, Maria Angeles; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo, et al
Open access2013_Lozano_etal_TANSO.pdf.jpg2013Relevance of porosity and surface chemistry of superactivated carbons in capacitorsLozano-Castello, Dolores; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Bleda Martínez, María Jesús, et al
Restricted accessKunowsky2010_Scale-up Activation of Carbon Fibres for Hydrogen Storage.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2010Scale-up activation of carbon fibres for hydrogen storageKunowsky, Mirko; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego, et al
Open access2014_Marco-Lozar_etal_Carbon.pdf.jpgJun-2014Sorbent design for CO2 capture under different flue gas conditionsMarco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Kunowsky, Mirko; Suárez García, Fabián, et al
Open access2013_Falco_etal_Carbon_final.pdf.jpgOct-2013Tailoring the porosity of chemically activated hydrothermal carbons: Influence of the precursor and hydrothermal carbonization temperatureFalco, Camillo; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Salinas-Torres, David, et al