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Acceso restringido2016_Ruiz_etal_JAridEnv_final.pdf.jpgene-2016Daily whole-seedling transpiration determined by minilysimeters, allows the estimation of the water requirements of seedlings used for dryland afforestationRuiz-Yanetti, Samantha; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Acceso abierto2015_Herrera_etal_Agricultural-Sciences.pdf.jpg29-sep-2015Assessing the Crop Growing Period According to the Climate Change Forecasts for Marina Baixa (SE Spain)Herrera, Mario; Moutahir, Hassane; González, Carlos Alberto; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Acceso restringido2013_Bellot_Chirino_EM_final.pdf.jpg24-sep-2013Hydrobal: An eco-hydrological modelling approach for assessing water balances in different vegetation types in semi-arid areasBellot Abad, Juan Francisco; Chirino Miranda, Esteban
Acceso abierto2018_Vicente_etal_Forests.pdf.jpg16-jul-2018Water Balance of Mediterranean Quercus ilex L. and Pinus halepensis Mill. Forests in Semiarid Climates: A Review in A Climate Change ContextVicente Bartolí, Eduardo; Vilagrosa, Alberto; Ruiz-Yanetti, Samantha; Manrique-Alba, Àngela; González-Sanchís, María; Moutahir, Hassane; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Campo, Antonio del; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Acceso abierto2015_Touhami_etal_JHydrol_final.pdf.jpgago-2015Assessment of climate change impacts on soil water balance and aquifer recharge in a semiarid region in south east SpainTouhami, Issam; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Andreu Rodes, José Miguel; Sanchez-Montahud, Juan-Rafael; Moutahir, Hassane; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Acceso restringido2014_Touhami_etal_HSJ.pdf.jpg2014Comparative performance of soil water balance models in computing semi-arid aquifer rechargeTouhami, Issam; Andreu Rodes, José Miguel; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Sanchez-Montahud, Juan-Rafael; Pulido Bosch, Antonio; Martínez Santos, Pedro; Moutahir, Hassane; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Acceso abierto2017_Touhami_etal_JCivilEngEnvironSci.pdf.jpg27-ene-2017Climate Change Impacts in Soil- Water Balance in Semi-Arid Region, Southeast of Spain: The use of Eco- Hydrological ModelTouhami, Issam; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Andreu Rodes, José Miguel; Moutahir, Hassane; Sanchez-Montahud, Juan-Rafael; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco
Embargado2018_Manrique-Alba_etal_PlantCellEnviron_final.pdf.jpgago-2018Stem radial growth and water storage responses to heat and drought vary between conifers with differing hydraulic strategiesManrique-Alba, Àngela; Sevanto, Sanna; Adams, Henry D.; Collins, Adam D.; Dickman, Lee T.; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Bellot Abad, Juan Francisco; McDowell, Nate G.
Acceso abierto2012_Kribeche_etal_Ecologia-Mediterranea.pdf.jpg2012Effects of landscape spatial heterogeneity on dryland restoration success. The combined role of site conditions and reforestation techniques in southeastern SpainKribeche, Haroun; Bautista, Susana; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Vilagrosa, Alberto; Vallejo Calzada, Ramón
Acceso restringido2016_Granados_etal_ForEco&Man_final.pdf.jpg15-feb-2016Reforestation with resprouter species to increase diversity and resilience in Mediterranean pine forestsGranados, María Elena; Vilagrosa, Alberto; Chirino Miranda, Esteban; Vallejo, V. Ramón