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Restricted accessJEC12168-aminobenzoico.pdf.jpgDec-2008Voltammetric and in situ FTIRS study of the electropolymerization of o-aminobenzoic acid at gold and graphite carbon electrodes: influence of pH on the electrochemical behaviour of polymer filmsBenyoucef, Abdelghani; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Ferrahi, Mohammed Issam; Morallon, Emilia
Open accessPCCP_1433_2008.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2008Solid-phase synthesis of graphitic carbon nanostructures from iron and cobalt gluconates and their utilization as electrocatalyst supportsSevilla Solís, Marta; Salinas Martínez de Lecea, Concepción; Valdés-Solís Iglesias, Teresa; Morallon, Emilia; Fuertes Arias, Antonio Benito
Restricted accessEA_14379_mod.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2009Arsenic specie interactions with a porous carbon electrode as determined with an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalanceMorallon, Emilia; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Calo, José Manuel; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Restricted accessJES00A672_C_PANI.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2008Electrochemical methods to enhance the capacitance in activated carbon/polyaniline compositesBleda Martínez, María Jesús; Peng, Chuang; Zhang, Shenguen; Chen, George Z.; Morallon, Emilia; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Restricted accessCarbon47-09-1018_Tratamiento electroquimica CA.pdf.jpgApr-2009Effect of electrochemical treatments on the surface chemistry of activated carbonBerenguer Betrián, Raúl; Marco Lozar, Juan Pablo; Quijada Tomás, César; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accessJAE38-08-259.pdf.jpgFeb-2008Electrochemical deposition of platinum nanoparticles on different carbon supports and conducting polymersDomínguez Domínguez, Sonia; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Morallon, Emilia; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Restricted accessEA_14572.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2009Electrochemical characterization of SnO2 electrodes doped with Ru and PtBerenguer Betrián, Raúl; Quijada Tomás, César; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accessjp071037+_Pt_PANI.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2007Friendly conditions-synthesis of platinum nanoparticles supported on conducting polymer: methanol electrooxidationSalavagione, Horacio Javier; Sanchis Bermúdez, Carlos; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accesslangmuir 2003 19 10241-10246.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2003Electrochemical behaviour of benzoic acid on platinum and gold electrodesMontilla, Francisco; Morallon, Emilia; Vázquez Picó, José Luis
Restricted accesss1 enviado.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2009Fabrication of highly ordered arrays of platinum nanoparticles using direct laser interference patterningAcevedo, Diego F.; Salavagione, Horacio Javier; Lasagni, Andrés F.; Morallon, Emilia; Mücklich, Frank; Barbero, César Alfredo