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Embargado2017_Canabate_etal_JAAS_final.pdf.jpg20-jul-2017Cerebrospinal fluid elemental analysis by using a total sample consumption system operated at high temperature adapted to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryCañabate López, Águeda; García-Ruiz, Esperanza; Resano, Martín, et al
Acceso restringido2017_Sanchez_etal_AnalChem_final.pdf.jpg23-feb-2017Fully Automatic In-Syringe Magnetic Stirring-Assisted Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction Hyphenated to High-Temperature Torch Integrated Sample Introduction System-Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer with Direct Injection of the Organic PhaseSánchez, Raquel; Horstkotte, Burkhard; Fikarová, Kateřina, et al
Acceso restringido2017_Burgos_etal_FoodBioprocessTechnol_final.pdf.jpgabr-2017Functional Properties of Plasticized Bio-Based Poly(Lactic Acid)_Poly(Hydroxybutyrate) (PLA_PHB) Films for Active Food PackagingBurgos, Nuria; Armentano, Ilaria; Fortunati, Elena, et al
Acceso abierto2017_Valdes_etal_Coatings.pdf.jpg19-abr-2017State of the Art of Antimicrobial Edible Coatings for Food Packaging ApplicationsValdés, Arantzazu; Ramos, Marina; Beltrán Sanahuja, Ana, et al
Embargado2017_Villasenor_etal_JAAS_final.pdf.jpg23-ene-2017A dried droplet calibration approach for the analysis of solid samples through laser ablation – inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryVillaseñor Milán, Ángela; Greatti, Caroline; Boccongelli, Marina, et al
Acceso restringido2016_Valdes_Garrigos_MaterialsSciForum_final.pdf.jpg17-feb-2016Carbohydrate-based Advanced Biomaterials for Food Sustainability: a ReviewValdés, Arantzazu; Garrigós, María del Carmen
Acceso abierto2016_Burgos_etal_JRenewMater_final.pdf.jpgjun-2016Valorization of Agricultural Wastes for the Production of Protein-Based BiopolymersBurgos, Nuria; Valdés, Arantzazu; Jiménez, Alfonso
Acceso abierto2016_Cruz-Aldaco_etal_JRenewMater_final.pdf.jpgjun-2016Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Polyurethanes Obtained from Cottonseed and Corn Oil-Based PolyolsCruz-Aldaco, Karina; Flores-Loyola, Erika; Aguilar-González, Cristóbal Noé, et al
Acceso abierto2017_Canabate_etal_JAAS_accepted.pdf.jpg2017Analysis of whole blood by ICP-MS equipped with a high temperature total sample consumption systemCañabate López, Águeda; García-Ruiz, Esperanza; Resano, Martín, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Ramos_etal_Coatings.pdf.jpg28-sep-2016Gelatin-Based Films and Coatings for Food Packaging ApplicationsRamos, Marina; Valdés, Arantzazu; Beltrán Sanahuja, Ana, et al
Embargado2016_Ramos_etal_PolyDegStab_final.pdf.jpgoct-2016Characterization and disintegrability under composting conditions of PLA-based nanocomposite films with thymol and silver nanoparticlesRamos, Marina; Fortunati, Elena; Peltzer, Mercedes Ana, et al
Embargado2016_Sanchez_etal_SpectrActaB_final.pdf.jpg1-oct-2016Analysis of bioethanol samples through Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with a total sample consumption systemSánchez Rodríguez, Carlos; Lienemann, Charles Philippe; Todolí Torró, José Luis
Embargado2016_Valdes_etal_PolymDegradStab_accepted.pdf.jpg2-mar-2016Characterization and enzymatic degradation study of poly(e-caprolactone)-based biocomposites from almond agricultural by-productsValdés, Arantzazu; Fenollar, Octavio; Beltrán Sanahuja, Ana, et al
Acceso restringido2015_Sanchez_etal_JAAS_final.pdf.jpg2015Metal and metalloid determination in biodiesel and bioethanolSánchez, Raquel; Sánchez Rodríguez, Carlos; Lienemann, Charles Philippe, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Mellinas_etal_JApplPolymSci_final.pdf.jpg10-ene-2016Active edible films: Current state and future trendsMellinas-Ciller, Ana-Cristina; Valdés, Arantzazu; Ramos, Marina, et al
Acceso restringido2015_Leclercq_etal_AnalChimActa_II_final.pdf.jpg23-jul-2015Introduction of organic/hydro-organic matrices in inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry and mass spectrometry: A tutorial review. Part II. Practical considerationsLeclercq, Amélie; Nonell, Anthony; Todolí Torró, José Luis, et al
Acceso restringido2015_Valdes_etal_EurJLipidSciTechnol_final.pdf.jpgago-2015Monitoring the oxidative stability and volatiles in blanched, roasted and fried almonds under normal and accelerated storage conditions by DSC, thermogravimetric analysis and ATR-FTIRValdés, Arantzazu; Beltrán Sanahuja, Ana; Karabagias, Ioannis, et al
Acceso restringido2015_Armentano_etal_eXPRESS.pdf.jpgjul-2015Processing and characterization of plasticized PLA/PHB blends for biodegradable multiphase systemsArmentano, Ilaria; Fortunati, Elena; Burgos, Nuria, et al
Acceso abierto2015_Valdes_etal_Coatings.pdf.jpg16-nov-2015Natural Pectin Polysaccharides as Edible CoatingsValdés, Arantzazu; Burgos, Nuria; Jiménez, Alfonso, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Sanchez_etal_SpectrActaPartB_final.pdf.jpg1-ene-2016Metal and metalloid determination in bioethanol through inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopySánchez Rodríguez, Carlos; Lienemann, Charles Philippe; Todolí Torró, José Luis
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