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Acceso abierto2015_Marcilla_etal_Toxicology-Reports.pdf.jpg2015Reduction of tobacco smoke components yield in commercial cigarette brands by addition of HUSY, NaY and Al-MCM-41 to the cigarette rodMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Berenguer Muñoz, Deseada, et al
Acceso abiertotobacco_Reduction.pdf.jpg7-nov-2008Reduction of toxic compounds present in the mainstream of tobacco smoke by the use of zeolitesMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Acceso restringido2014_Odjo_etal_Energy&Fuels_final.pdf.jpg17-ene-2014Refinery Nonconventional Feedstocks: Influence of the Coprocessing of Vacuum Gas Oil and Low Density Polyethylene in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit on Full Range Gasoline CompositionOdjo, Andrew O.; García, Angela N.; Marcilla, Antonio
Acceso abiertoPoster919045_INNOVAESTIC2017_Resultados_GuiLL.pdf.jpg1-jun-2017Resultados y valoración del uso de una GUI pre-programada como herramienta de refuerzo y autoaprendizaje en el ámbito del cálculo del equilibrio entre fasesReyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Molina-Palacios, Sergio; Gómez, Igor, et al
Acceso abiertoReviewExtensionMcCabeGeneralizedFeeds.pdf.jpg2-jul-2012Review and extension of the McCabe-Thiele method covering multiple feeds, products and heat transfer stagesMarcilla, Antonio; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Reyes-Labarta, Juan A.
Acceso restringido2013_Marcilla_etal_RSER_final.pdf.jpgnov-2013A review of thermochemical conversion of microalgaeMarcilla, Antonio; Catalá Esteve, Lucía; García Quesada, Juan Carlos, et al
Acceso abiertopaper_equifase09_223CorrelationProgram.pdf.jpg17-oct-2009Robust program for LLSE data correlation of ternary systemsMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores, et al
Acceso abiertoipp_2005_01_1869.pdf.jpg2005Rotational moulding of PVC plastisol: modelling of initial stages of gelationMarcilla, Antonio; García Quesada, Juan Carlos; Ruiz, R., et al
Acceso abierto2017_Marcilla_etal_FluidPhaseEquilibria_final.pdf.jpg15-feb-2017Should we trust all the published LLE correlation parameters in phase equilibria? Necessity of their assessment prior to publicationMarcilla, Antonio; Reyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar
Acceso abierto2016_Marcilla_etal_FluidPhaseEq_final.pdf.jpg25-oct-2016Simultaneous VLLE data correlation for ternary systems: Modification of the NRTL equation for improved calculationsMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Reyes-Labarta, Juan A.
Acceso restringido2013_Li_etal_JCED_final.pdf.jpg10-may-2013Solubility, Density, Refractive Index, and Viscosity for the Polyhydric Alcohol + CsBr + H2O Ternary Systems at Different TemperaturesLi, Yanjie; Li, Shu’ni; Zhai, Quanguo, et al
Acceso abiertobiopol2007.pdf.jpg2007Study of the properties of polypropylene-PHB blendsGarcía Quesada, Juan Carlos; Marcilla, Antonio; Barreiro Ortiz, Patricia, et al
Acceso abiertoposter_FCCgases.pdf.jpg7-nov-2008Study of the decomposition of Vacuum Gas Oils-Low Density Polyethylene blends: evolution of the gasesMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Berenguer Muñoz, Deseada
Acceso abiertoposter_FCCliquidos.pdf.jpg7-nov-2008Study of the decomposition of Vacuum Gas Oils-Low Density Polyethylene blends: evolution of the liquidsMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Berenguer Muñoz, Deseada
Acceso abiertoPorter etapa inicial.pdf.jpgmay-2006Study of the early deactivation in the catalytic pyrolysis of polymersMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Berenguer Muñoz, Deseada
Acceso abiertoPoster expoquimia floculacion (2008).pdf.jpg7-nov-2008Study of the efficiency of different flocculants for effective microalgae harvestingValdés Barceló, Francisco Javier; Hernández Férez, María del Remedio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo, et al
Acceso restringidoJAAP2007-79.pdf.jpgmay-2007Study of the polymer-catalyst contact effectivity and the heating rate influence on the HDPE pyrolysisMarcilla, Antonio; Hernández Férez, María del Remedio; García, Angela N.
Acceso abiertoSupplementary_Material_AnalysisConnectingZone_McCabeGeneralizedFeeds_LAAR2014_44_4_307.pdf.jpg25-feb-2016Supplementary Material: Analysis of the Connecting Zone Between Consecutive Sections in Distillation Columns Covering Multiple Feeds, Products and Heat Transfer StagesReyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Marcilla, Antonio
Acceso restringido2015_Sanchez-Navarro_etal_Micro&Nanosystems_final.pdf.jpg2015Synthesis and Characterisation of Aminoplast Microcapsules for Controlled Release of Bioactives. Influence of the Resin:Oil RatioSánchez Navarro, M. Magdalena; Arán Aís, Francisca; Marcilla, Antonio, et al
Acceso restringido2019_Calabuig_etal_ThermochimActa_final.pdf.jpgene-2019TG-FTIR study of evolved gas in the decomposition of different types of tobacco. Effect of the addition of SBA-15Calabuig, Emilio; Juárez-Serrano, Nerea; Marcilla, Antonio