Revistas - Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses - 2011, No. 24

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Open accessRAEI_24_14-6.pdf.jpg2011Ifantidou, Elly. 2011. Genres and Pragmatic Understanding. Athens: Patakis PublishersClavel Arroitia, Begoña
Open accessRAEI_24_14-5.pdf.jpg2011La comunicación escrita en el siglo XXI, Quaderns de Filologia, Estudis Lingüistics Vol. XVI, Nicolás Estévez, José Ramón Gómez and María Carbonell, The University of Valencia, 2011González Arias, Francisca
Open accessRAEI_24_14-4.pdf.jpg2011Sergio Maruenda-Bataller and Begoña Clavel-Arroitia (eds.) (2011): Multiple Voices in Academic and Professional Discourse: Current Issues in Specialised Language Research, Teaching and New Technologies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 673 pages.Ruiz Moneva, María Ángeles
Open accessRAEI_24_14-3.pdf.jpg2011Born under a Million Shadows, by Andrea Busfield. London: Black Swan, 2009Phillips, Bill
Open accessRAEI_24_14-2.pdf.jpg2011Henry, Gordon D. Jr. Stories Through Theories. Theories Through Stories. North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2009. 327 pp.González Mínguez, M. Teresa
Open accessRAEI_24_14-1.pdf.jpg2011Rodríguez González, Félix. 2011. Diccionario del sexo y el erotismo. Alianza Editorial: Madrid. 1150 pp.Jamieson, Martín
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_14.pdf.jpg2011ReviewsRevista alicantina de estudios ingleses
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_13.pdf.jpg2011Book notice: a new book of Germanic, Jewish, Romance and Slavic linguistic interestRevista alicantina de estudios ingleses
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_12.pdf.jpg2011Unconventional English in a conventional setting: the genesis and joy of the New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional EnglishVictor, Terry
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_11.pdf.jpg2011On the pragmatic function of anglicisms in Spanish: a case studyGonzález Cruz, María Isabel; Rodríguez Medina, María Jesús
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_10.pdf.jpg2011Expressive devices in the language of English- and Spanish-speaking youthRodríguez González, Félix; Stenström, Anna-Brita
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_09.pdf.jpg2011Words and patterns: lexico-grammatical patterns and semantic relations in domain-specific discoursesOrna-Montesinos, Concepción
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_08.pdf.jpg2011Routes for development in the pragmaticalization of sorry as a formulaic markerMolina, Clara
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_07.pdf.jpg2011Culinary Caribbean English lexicon in Panamanian SpanishJamieson, Martín
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_06.pdf.jpg2011Some thoughts on slangGreen, Jonathon
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_05.pdf.jpg2011Exploring the Canarian contribution to the Hispanicism in EnglishGonzález Cruz, María Isabel
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_04.pdf.jpg2011After at least 138 years of discussion, the etymological puzzle is possibly solved: the originally British English informalism kibosh as in “put the kibosh on [something]” could come from the clogmakers’ term kybosh ‘iron bar which, when hot, is used to soften and smooth leather’ (with possible reinforcement from Western Ashkenazic British English khay bash ‘eighteen pence’)Gold, David L.
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_03.pdf.jpg2011Conceptual metaphors in taboo-induced lexical variationCrespo Fernández, Eliecer
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_02.pdf.jpg2011The effect of dictionary training in the teaching of English as a foreign languageCote González, Margarita; Tejedor Martínez, Cristina
Open accessRevista_Alicantina_de_Estudios_Ingleses_24_01.pdf.jpg2011Religious focalisation in dictionaries: a comparative case study between English and SpanishAlonso Alonso, María; Torrado Mariñas, Laura
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20