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Open accessMartinez_et_al_2007b.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2007Cytotoxicity of the ascidian Cystodytes dellechiajei against tumor cells and study of the involvement of associated microbiota in the production of cytotoxic compoundsMartinez-Garcia, Manuel; Díaz Valdés, Marta; Ramos-Esplá, Alfonso A., et al
Restricted accessLarriba 2015 J. Plant Res. full.pdf.jpgJul-2015Endophytic colonization of barley (Hordeum vulgare) roots by the nematophagous fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia reveals plant growth promotion and a general defense and stress transcriptomic responseLarriba Tornel, Eduardo; Jaime, Maria DLA; Nislow, Corey, et al
Restricted accessLopez-Llorca 2010 FGB press.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2010Expression of serine proteases in egg-parasitic nematophagous fungi during barley root colonizationLopez-Llorca, Luis Vicente; Gómez Vidal, Sonia; Monfort Prieto, Elena, et al
Restricted accessLarriba_et_al_2012_CJM_-full.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2012Gene cloning, molecular modeling, and phylogenetics of serine protease P32 and serine carboxypeptidase SCP1 from nematophagous fungi Pochonia rubescens and Pochonia chlamydosporiaLarriba Tornel, Eduardo; Martín-Nieto, José; Lopez-Llorca, Luis Vicente
Open access2015_Larriba_etal_Forest-Systems.pdf.jpgApr-2015A PCR based method to detect Russula spp. in soil samples and Limodorum abortivum roots in Mediterranean environmentsLarriba Tornel, Eduardo; Belda, Antonio; Lopez-Llorca, Luis Vicente
Restricted access2018_Domenech_etal_Zootaxa_final.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2018A phylogenetic approach to the Philippines endemic centipedes of the genus Scolopendra Linnaeus, 1758 (Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae), with the description of a new speciesDoménech, Carles; Barberá, Víctor Manuel; Larriba Tornel, Eduardo
Open access2017_Belda_Larriba_Galemys.pdf.jpg2017Record and distribution of black-fur foxes in a Mediterranean natural park, Serra de Mariola, SpainBelda, Antonio; Larriba Tornel, Eduardo
Open access2014_Larriba_etal_FGB.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2014Sequencing and functional analysis of the genome of a nematode egg-parasitic fungus, Pochonia chlamydosporiaLarriba Tornel, Eduardo; Jaime, Maria DLA; Carbonell Caballero, José, et al