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Open access2017_Garcia-Barba_etal_IntJSusDevPlann.pdf.jpg2017Alicante Beach-City Sustainable DevelopmentGarcia-Barba, Javier; Aragonés, Luis; López, Isabel, et al
Open accessposter definitivo persianas.pdf.jpgJun-2011Application of graphic expression in the design of “New Rolling System for Horizontal Blinds” applied to doorsSentana Gadea, Irene; Sentana Cremades, Eloy; López, M.
Open access2018_Pagan_etal_SciTotEnv_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Causes of the different behaviour of the shoreline on beaches with similar characteristics. Study case of the San Juan and Guardamar del Segura beaches, SpainPagán, José Ignacio; López, M.; López, Isabel, et al
Restricted access2016_Lopez_etal_SciTotEnv_566-567_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2016The erosion of the beaches on the coast of Alicante: Study of the mechanisms of weathering by accelerated laboratory testsLópez, Isabel; López, M.; Aragonés, Luis, et al
Restricted access2016_Lopez_etal_SciTotEnv_487-497_final.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2016The erosion on the east coast of Spain: Wear of particles, mineral composition, carbonates and Posidonia oceanicaLópez, M.; López, Isabel; Aragonés, Luis, et al
Open access2019_Lopez_etal_SciTotEnv_revised.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2019Factors influencing the rate of beach sand wear: Activation layer thickness and sediment durabilityLópez, M.; Baeza Brotons, Francisco; López, Isabel, et al
Open access2017_Lopez_etal_IntJCompMethExpMeas.pdf.jpg2017Factors Influencing the Retreat of the CoastlineLópez, M.; Pagán, José Ignacio; López, Isabel, et al
Open access2018_Lopez_etal_SciTotEnv_final.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2018Mineralogy and morphology of sand: Key parameters in the durability for its use in artificial beach nourishmentLópez, M.; Baeza Brotons, Francisco; López, Isabel, et al
Open access2017_Lopez_etal_IntJSusDevPlann.pdf.jpg2017Relative Position of the Size of Sediments in the Cross-Shore ProfileLópez, Isabel; Aragonés, Luis; López, M., et al
Restricted access2018_Pagan_etal_SciTotEnv_final.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2018Study of the evolution of gravel beaches nourished with sandPagán, José Ignacio; López, M.; López, Isabel, et al
Open access2017_Villacampa_etal_IntJSusDevPlann.pdf.jpg2017Water Quality of the Beach in an Urban and not Urban EnvironmentVillacampa, Yolanda; López, Isabel; Aragonés, Luis, et al