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Open accessjhse_Vol_VI_N_IV_657-672.pdf.jpgde desembre-2011Age and gender differences in Body Mass Index, ocular, and back disorders in 8-12-year old childrenZurita-Ortega, Félix; Cepero González, Mar; Ruiz Rodríguez, Luis, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_VII_N_I_321-330.pdf.jpgd’abril-2012Differences of functional fitness in adults after 9 months of combined exercise training programCepero González, Mar; Romero Sánchez, Daniel; Rojas Ruiz, Francisco Javier, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1310-1327.pdf.jpg2017The effect of a “PBL” physical activity program based methodology on the development of values in Spanish Primary EducationRamírez, Vicente; Padial-Ruz, Rosario; Torres, Beatriz, et al
Open accessE_JHSE_4_2_9.pdf.jpgde juliol-2009Effects of a carbohydrate and a carbohydrate and casein protein beverages on recovery and performance of endurance cycling capacityCepero González, Mar; Rojas Ruiz, Francisco Javier; Geerlings, Arjan, et al
Open accessJHSE_18-1_09.pdf.jpg2023Effects of age vestibular and visual systems on the soleus H-reflexCelik, Aksel; Rojas Ruiz, Francisco Javier; Cepero González, Mar, et al
Open access2020_Padial-Ruz_etal_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg21-de desembre-2019Effects of Physical Self-Concept, Emotional Isolation, and Family Functioning on Attitudes towards Physical Education in Adolescents: Structural Equation AnalysisPadial-Ruz, Rosario; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Cepero González, Mar, et al
Open accessJHSE_6_1_15.pdf.jpgde març-2011Fitness test profiles in children aged 8-12 years old in Granada (Spain)Cepero González, Mar; López, Ricardo; Suárez Llorca, Concepción, et al
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc4_02.pdf.jpg2020The influence of healthy habits acquired by school-age adolescents in relation to physical education classesCaracuel, Rafael; Padial-Ruz, Rosario; Torres, Beatriz, et al
Open accessJHSE_5_2_06.pdf.jpgde maig-2010Influence of ingesting casein protein and whey protein carbohydrate beverages on recovery and performance of an endurance cycling testCepero González, Mar; Padial-Ruz, Rosario; Rojas Ruiz, Francisco Javier, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_10_N_3_785-794.pdf.jpg2015Influence of the physical and psychological variables on physical injuries in footballFernández, Rubén; Zurita-Ortega, Félix; Cepero González, Mar, et al
Open accessJHSE_5_3_04.pdf.jpgd’octubre-2010Play and childhood in ancient GreeceAndreu, Eliseo; Cepero González, Mar; Rojas Ruiz, Francisco Javier, et al
Open accessE_JHSE_4_3_10.pdf.jpgd’octubre-2009The relationship between pain and physical activity in older adults that begin a program of physical activityZurita-Ortega, Félix; Fernández, Rubén; Cepero González, Mar, et al
Open accessJHSE_5_3_20.pdf.jpgd’octubre-2010Teaching and learning social values: experience of resolution of conflicts in the classroom of physical education across the learning of social skillsCepero González, Mar; Marín Regalado, María Nieves; Torres Guerrero, Juan