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Restricted access2013_Puertolas_etal_Adsorption_final.pdf.jpgApr-2013Abatement of hydrocarbons by acid ZSM-5 and BETA zeolites under cold-start conditionsPuértolas Lacambra, Begoña; López, José Manuel; Navarro, María Victoria, et al
Restricted accessactivated_carbon.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2002Activated carbon fibre monolithsVilaplana-Ortego, Eduardo; Alcañiz-Monge, Juan; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego, et al
Open access2016_Quesada_etal_ChemPlusChem_final.pdf.jpgDec-2016Activated Carbons Prepared through H3PO4-Assisted Hydrothermal Carbonisation from Biomass Wastes: Porous Texture and Electrochemical PerformanceQuesada-Plata, Fabian; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Morallon, Emilia, et al
EmbargoedGarcia-Mateos_etal_2020_SeparationPurificationTech_final.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Activation of electrospun lignin-based carbon fibers and their performance as self-standing supercapacitor electrodesGarcía-Mateos, Francisco J.; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Rosas, Juana M., et al
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-I3CE-2019-20_77.pdf.jpg2020Adaptación de asignaturas del Máster en Ciencia de Materiales a la modalidad de enseñanza semi-presencialCazorla-Amorós, Diego; Díaz-García, María A.; Lillo-Rodenas, Maria Angeles, et al
Restricted access2019_Zhu_etal_CatalSciTechnol_final.pdf.jpg2019Anchoring a Co/2-methylimidazole complex on ion-exchange resin and its transformation to Co/N-doped carbon as an electrocatalyst for the ORRZhu, Yexin; Miyake, Koji; Shu, Yasuhiro, et al
Open access2019_Teixidor_etal_Chemistry_final.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2019Are the Accompanying Cations of Doping Anions Influential in Conducting Organic Polymers? The Case of the Popular PEDOTFuentes, Isabel; Mostazo-López, María José; Kelemen, Zsolt, et al
Restricted accessEA_14379_mod.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2009Arsenic specie interactions with a porous carbon electrode as determined with an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalanceMorallon, Emilia; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Calo, José Manuel, et al
Open access2016_Salinas_etal_JPS_InPress.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2016Asymmetric capacitors using lignin-based hierarchical porous carbonsSalinas-Torres, David; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Valero-Romero, María José, et al
Open access2013_Salinas_etal_EA.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2013Asymmetric hybrid capacitors based on activated carbon and activated carbon fibre–PANI electrodesSalinas-Torres, David; Sieben, Juan Manuel; Lozano-Castello, Dolores, et al
Restricted access2013_Navlani_etal_ChemSusChem.pdf.jpgAug-2013BETA Zeolite Thin Films Supported on Honeycomb Monoliths with Tunable Properties as Hydrocarbon Traps under Cold-Start ConditionsNavlani-García, Miriam; Varela Gandía, Francisco José; Bueno López, Agustín, et al
Open access2015_Sanchez_etal_J-Mater-Chem-A_final.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2015Beyond the H2/CO2 upper bound: one-step crystallization and separation of nano-sized ZIF-11 by centrifugation and its application in mixed matrix membranesSánchez-Laínez, Javier; Zornoza, Beatriz; Mayoral, Álvaro, et al
Open access2013_Berenguer-Murcia_etal_PCCP.pdf.jpg13-May-2013Binderless thin films of zeolite-templated carbon electrodes useful for electrochemical microcapacitors with ultrahigh rate performanceBerenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; García Aguilar, Jaime, et al
Open accessChaparro-Garnica_etal_2021_JElectroanalChem_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2021Biomass waste conversion into low-cost carbon-based materials for supercapacitors: A sustainable approach for the energy scenarioChaparro-Garnica, Jessica; Mostazo-López, María José; Salinas-Torres, David, et al
Open access2016_Berenguer_etal_GreenChem_final.pdf.jpg2016Biomass-derived binderless fibrous carbon electrodes for ultrafast energy storageBerenguer Betrián, Raúl; García-Mateos, Francisco J.; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro, et al
Open access2015_Miguel-Garcia_etal_CEJ_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2015Capillary microreactors based on hierarchical SiO2 monoliths incorporating noble metal nanoparticles for the Preferential Oxidation of COMiguel García, Izaskun; Navlani-García, Miriam; García Aguilar, Jaime, et al
Open accesscaracterizacion_mecanica.pdf.jpgJul-2007Caracterización mecánica de morteros de cemento Portland con breas de petróleo y de alquitrán de carbónAlcaide Romero, Juan; García Alcocel, Eva María; Vilaplana-Ortego, Eduardo, et al
Open accessFlores-Lasluisa_etal_2020_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2020Carbon Material and Cobalt-Substitution Effects in the Electrochemical Behavior of LaMnO3 for ORR and OERFlores-Lasluisa, Jhony Xavier; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego, et al
Open access2019_Quintero-Jaime_etal_FrontChem.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2019Carbon Nanotubes Modified With Au for Electrochemical Detection of Prostate Specific Antigen: Effect of Au Nanoparticle Size DistributionQuintero-Jaime, Andrés Felipe; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego, et al
Restricted accessCarbon 40 (2002) 2193–2200.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2002Carbon-ceramic composites from coal tar pitch and clays: application as electrocatalyst supportMontilla, Francisco; Morallon, Emilia; Vázquez Picó, José Luis, et al