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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2016_Soriano_etal_Steroids_final.pdf.jpgJul-2016Effects of Bisphenol A on ion channels: Experimental evidence and molecular mechanismsSoriano, Sergi; Ripoll, Cristina; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Fuentes, Esther; Quesada, Iván; Nadal, Ángel; Martinez-Pinna, Juan
Open access2012_Soriano_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2012Rapid insulinotropic action of low doses of bisphenol-A on mouse and human islets of Langerhans: role of estrogen receptor βSoriano, Sergi; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; García Arévalo, Marta; Novials, Anna; Muhammed, Sarheed J.; Salehi, Albert; Gustafsson, Jan-Ake; Quesada, Iván; Nadal, Ángel
Open access2015_Rafacho_etal_D&MS.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2015Cortistatin hyperpolarizes pancreatic beta cell membrane and reduces glucose-stimulated insulin secretionRafacho, Alex; Castellano-Muñoz, Manuel; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Irles, Esperanza; Bello, Melisa; Vetorazzi, Jean; Merino, Beatriz; Soriano, Sergi; Iborra, Pau; Ruiz, Antonia; Luque, Raúl M.; Nadal, Ángel; Quesada, Iván
Open access2013_Alonso-Magdalena_etal_Diabetes.pdf.jpgJun-2013Antidiabetic Actions of an Estrogen Receptor β Selective AgonistAlonso Magdalena, Paloma; Ropero, Ana B.; García Arévalo, Marta; Soriano, Sergi; Quesada, Iván; Muhammed, Sarheed J.; Salehi, Albert; Gustafsson, Jan-Ake; Nadal, Ángel
Restricted access2018_Nadal_etal_JSBMB_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Extranuclear-initiated estrogenic actions of endocrine disrupting chemicals: Is there toxicology beyond paracelsus?Nadal, Ángel; Fuentes, Esther; Ripoll, Cristina; Villar-Pazos, Sabrina; Castellano-Muñoz, Manuel; Soriano, Sergi; Martinez-Pinna, Juan; Quesada, Iván; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma
Open access2013_Gonzalez_etal_Endocrinology.pdf.jpgOct-2013Insulin hypersecretion in islets from diet-induced hyperinsulinemic obese female mice is associated with several functional adaptations in individual β-cellsGonzález, Alejandro; Merino, Beatriz; Marroquí, Laura; Ñeco, Patricia; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Caballero Garrido, Ernesto; Vieira, Elaine; Soriano, Sergi; Gomis, Ramón; Nadal, Ángel; Quesada, Iván
Open access2017_Villar-Pazos_etal_SciRep.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2017Molecular mechanisms involved in the non-monotonic effect of bisphenol-a on ca2+ entry in mouse pancreatic β-cellsVillar-Pazos, Sabrina; Martinez-Pinna, Juan; Castellano-Muñoz, Manuel; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Marroquí, Laura; Quesada, Iván; Gustafsson, Jan-Ake; Nadal, Ángel
Embargoed2018_Soriano_etal_MolCelEndocrin_final.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2018Cortistatin regulates glucose-induced electrical activity and insulin secretion in mouse pancreatic beta-cellsSoriano, Sergi; Castellano-Muñoz, Manuel; Rafacho, Alex; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Marroquí, Laura; Ruiz, Antonia; Bru-Tarí, Eva; Merino, Beatriz; Irles, Esperanza; Bello, Melisa; Iborra, Pau; Villar-Pazos, Sabrina; Vettorazzi, Jean Franciesco; Montanya, Eduard; Luque, Raúl M.; Nadal, Ángel; Quesada, Iván
Open access2019_Soriano_etal_SciRep.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2019Bisphenol A Regulates Sodium Ramp Currents in Mouse Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons and Increases NociceptionSoriano, Sergi; Gil-Rivera, Minerva; Marroquí, Laura; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Fuentes, Esther; Gustafsson, Jan-Ake; Nadal, Ángel; Martinez-Pinna, Juan
Restricted access2019_Martinez-Pinna_etal_Diabetologia_final.pdf.jpgSep-2019Oestrogen receptor β mediates the actions of bisphenol-A on ion channel expression in mouse pancreatic beta cellsMartinez-Pinna, Juan; Marroquí, Laura; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Lopez-Beas, Javier; Soriano, Sergi; Villar-Pazos, Sabrina; Alonso Magdalena, Paloma; Dos Santos, Reinaldo S.; Quesada, Iván; Martin, Franz; Soria, Bernat; Gustafsson, Jan-Åke; Nadal, Ángel