Personal Investigador sin Adscripción a Grupo

En este apartado se reúnen contribuciones del personal investigador no adscrito a grupos de investigación.

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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessMpuure_Mengba_2023_SustainableDevelopment.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2023Natural resource dependence, policy and institutions for environmental sustainability and African welfareMpuure, Desmond Mbe-Nyire; Mengba, Jennifer Dokbila
Open accessJavaloyes_etal_2023_SciSports.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2023No evidence of association between HRV and training volume in a pool of professional athletes before, during, and after the first COVID-19 lockdownJavaloyes Torres, Alejandro; Marinazzo, Daniele; Sanabria, Daniel, et al
Restricted accessAlcalde-Fuentes_etal_2023_HistoricalBiology_final.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2023Structural control and Ostwald ripening as essential mechanisms during the fossilization process of sea urchin (Balanocidaris? Lambert) spines from Lower Cretaceous of Southern SpainAlcalde-Fuentes, María del Rosario; López-Acevedo, Victoria; López-Andrés, Sol, et al
Open accessPinter_Kocenda_2023_JMoneyCreditBanking.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2023Media Treatment of Monetary Policy Surprises and Their Impact on Firms' and Consumers' ExpectationsPinter, Julien; Kočenda, Evžen
Open accessHurtado-Garcia_2023_AIBR.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2023El placer en el susurro. Los afectos sonoros del cuerpoHurtado-García, Inma
Restricted accessPatterson_etal_2023_ImpactAssessmentProjectAppraisal_final.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2023Pathways for improving the consideration of ecological connectivity in environmental assessment: lessons from five case studiesPatterson, Charla; Torres, Aurora; Coroi, Mihai, et al
Restricted accessTorres_etal_2023_ImpactAssessmentProjectAppraisal_final.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2023Advancing the consideration of ecological connectivity in environmental assessment – Part 2 of the special issueTorres, Aurora; Patterson, Charla; Jaeger, Jochen A.G.
Restricted accessSamy-Kamal_Mehanna_2023_RegEnvironChange_final.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2023Evolution of fishing effort and fishing capacity during the last two decades (2000–2019) in Egypt’s marine fisheries: spotting the fleet overcapacitySamy-Kamal, Mohamed; Mehanna, Sahar
Restricted accessAbdelhady_etal_2023_MarPollutBull_final.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2023Historical changes in fish landings indicate a significant shift in fish catch composition and biodiversity loss in the Nile-Delta lakesAbdelhady, Ahmed A.; Samy-Kamal, Mohamed; Abdel-Raheem, Khalaf H.M., et al
Open accessCooke_etal_2023_EnvironmRev.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2023Managing exploitation of freshwater species and aggregates to protect and restore freshwater biodiversityCooke, Steven J.; Piczak, Morgan; Nyboer, Elizabeth A., et al
Open accessSuarez-Fernandez_etal_2023_mBio.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2023Sas3-mediated histone acetylation regulates effector gene activation in a fungal plant pathogenSuarez-Fernandez, Marta; Álvarez-Aragón, Rocio; Pastor-Mediavilla, Ana, et al
Open accessAviles_etal_2023_PublMat.pdf.jpg2023A renorming characterization of Banach spaces containing l1(κ)Avilés, Antonio; Martínez-Cervantes, Gonzalo; Rueda Zoca, Abraham
Open accessBen-Nas_2023_Al-Qantara.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2023Sobre Yaḥyà al-Balansī (m. 665/1267), discípulo devoto de Ibn Sabʿīn, y sus obrasBen-Nas, Abdelkrim
Open accessBleichrodt_etal_2023_Econometrica.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2023Testing Hurwicz Expected UtilityBleichrodt, Han; Grant, Simon; Yang, Jingni
Open accessMirete_etal_2023_RIFOP.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2023Hábitos lectores del profesorado de Educación Primaria en formación inicial, con perspectiva de géneroMirete, Lucía; Bas-Peña, Encarna; Maquilón, Javier J.
Open accessRizk_etal_2023_Medicina.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2023Assessing Health Care Providers’ Knowledge and Practices of Nutrition during Pregnancy in Lebanon: A Cross-Sectional StudyRizk, Jessy; Andreou, Eleni; Hileti, Dona, et al
Open accessGarcia-Lirola_etal_2023_ResultsMath.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2023Extremal Structure of Projective Tensor ProductsGarcía-Lirola, Luis C.; Grelier, Guillaume; Martínez-Cervantes, Gonzalo, et al
Open accessSamy-Kamal_etal_2023_Fishes.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2023Marine Endangered and Threatened Species in Russia: A Review of Current Conservation Strategies and Management Legislative ToolsSamy-Kamal, Mohamed; Shulezhko, Tatiana; Lisitcyna, Natalia
Open accessLopez-Martinez_etal_2023_SocSci.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2023Are You Really Your Own Boss? Flexi-Vulnerability and False Consciousness of Autonomy in the Digital Labor Culture of RidersLópez Martínez, Gabriel; Haz-Gómez, Francisco Eduardo; Real Deus, José Eulogio
Open accessLamas-Rodriguez_etal_2023_SciRep.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2023Impact of climate risk materialization and ecological deterioration on house prices in Mar Menor, SpainLamas Rodríguez, Matías; García-Lorenzo, Mari Luz; Medina Magro, Manuel, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1257