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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Restricted access2013_Bertin_etal_JPS_final.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2013Electrodeposited platinum thin films with preferential (100) orientation: Characterization and electrocatalytic properties for ammonia and formic acid oxidationBertin, Erwan; Garbarino, Sébastien; Guay, Daniel; Solla-Gullón, José; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Buso_etal_JMCA_final.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2013Surface structure and anion effects in the oxidation of ethanol on platinum nanoparticlesBusó-Rogero, Carlos; Grozovski, Vitali; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Herrero, Enrique; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Vidal_etal_AngewChemIntEd_final.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2013Towards More Active and Stable Electrocatalysts for Formic Acid Electrooxidation: Antimony-Decorated Octahedral Platinum NanoparticlesVidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; López Cudero, Ana; Solla-Gullón, José; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Attard_etal_JEC_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Citrate adsorption on Pt{h k l} electrodes and its role in the formation of shaped Pt nanoparticlesAttard, Gary A.; Ye, Jin-Yu; Jenkins, Peter; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Herrero, Enrique; Sun, Shi-Gang
Restricted access2013_Vidal_etal_Electrocatalysis_final.pdf.jpgMar-2013Do You Really Understand the Electrochemical Nernst Equation?Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Herrero, Enrique; Rodes García, Antonio; Aldaz Riera, Antonio
Restricted access2013_Figueiredo_etal_CatTod_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2013Nitrate reduction at Pt(1 0 0) single crystals and preferentially oriented nanoparticles in neutral mediaFigueiredo, Marta C.; Solla-Gullón, José; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Figueiredo_etal_ACBE_final.pdf.jpgSep-2013Tailoring properties of platinum supported catalysts by irreversible adsorbed adatoms toward ethanol oxidation for direct ethanol fuel cellsFigueiredo, Marta C.; Santasalo-Aarnio, Annukka; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Feliu, Juan M.; Kontturi, Kyösti; Kallio, Tanja