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Open accessAlcohol and intimate partner violence do we have enough information to act.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2006Alcohol and intimate partner violence: do we have enough information to act?Gil-González, Diana; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Latour Pérez, Jaime
Restricted accesschildhood_experiences_violence.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2007Childhood experiences of violence in perpetrators as a risk factor of intimate partner violence: a systematic reviewGil-González, Diana; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa; Carrasco Portiño, Mercedes; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Restricted accessHow_does_IPV.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2015How Does Intimate Partner Violence Differ Depending on Level of Rurality of Residential Area in Spain?Ruiz Pérez, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Escribà Agüir, Vicenta; Rodríguez-Barranco, Miguel; Nevot-Cordero, Adela
Open access2015_Goicolea_etal_BMC-Health-Services-Research.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2015Developing a programme theory to explain how primary health care teams learn to respond to intimate partner violence: a realist case-studyGoicolea, Isabel; Hurtig, Anna-Karin; San Sebastián, Miguel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Marchal, Bruno
Open access2015_Goicolea_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2015Mechanisms that Trigger a Good Health-Care Response to Intimate Partner Violence in Spain. Combining Realist Evaluation and Qualitative Comparative Analysis ApproachesGoicolea, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Hurtig, Anna-Karin; Marchal, Bruno; Briones Vozmediano, Erica; Otero, Laura; García-Quinto, Marta; San Sebastián, Miguel
Open accessImplementationScience2013.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2013How do primary health care teams learn to integrate intimate partner violence (IPV) management? A realist evaluation protocolGoicolea, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; San Sebastián, Miguel; Marchal, Bruno; Kegels, Guy; Hurtig, Anna-Karin
Restricted accessJIV_Sanz-Barbero2016.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2016Factors Associated With Women’s Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence in SpainSanz, Belén; Otero, Laura; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Open accessMethodological_issues_in_the_study_of_violence_against_women.pdf.jpgDec-2007Methodological issues in the study of violence against womenRuiz Pérez, Isabel; Plazaola Castaño, Juncal; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Open access03_Economic_crisis.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2014Economic crisis, immigrant women and changing availability of intimate partner violence services: a qualitative study of professionals' perceptions in SpainBriones Vozmediano, Erica; Agudelo Suárez, Andrés A.; Goicolea, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Restricted access2013_J_Women_Int_Montero_I_Intimate_Partner(1).pdf.jpg11-Oct-2013Intimate partner violence in older women in Spain: prevalence, health consequences, and service utilizationMontero Piñar, María Isabel; Martín Baena, David; Escribà Agüir, Vicenta; Ruiz Pérez, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Talavera, Marta