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Acceso restringido2013_Mira_Moreno_Cultures-of-Return.pdf.jpg2013Cultures of Return among Spanish Republican Women Exiles and their ChildrenMira Abad, Alicia; Moreno-Seco, Mónica
Acceso restringido2011IULMA_final.pdf.jpg2011Approaching items of new son immigration in the free press from a visual and a linguistic perspectiveMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2015_Rumania-Language-and-Literature.pdf.jpg2014Exploring the social nature of multimodal texts in a language classroom using texts from Intermón OxfamMartínez Lirola, María; Ibáñez Castejón, Laura
Acceso abierto2013CapCSPReturn.pdf.jpg2013Immigrants going back home: an analysis of the discursive representation of the return plan for immigrants in three Spanish newspapersMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoartJane2007.pdf.jpg2007The problems affecting English language learning for non-native speakers: similarities and differences from the East to the WestMartínez Lirola, María; Stephen, Jeannet
Acceso abiertoActas-ICAT-2016_19.pdf.jpg2016The relevance of harmonising the technical level of social housing with the urban level of the neighbourhood through the example of the 500 dwellings in AlbaceteCaro Gallego, Cristina; Gutiérrez-Mozo, María-Elia
Acceso restringidoBernabeu_Overexploitation.pdf.jpg2009Overexploitation, malnutrition and stigma in a woman's illness: chlorosis in contemporary Spanish medicine (1877-1936)Bernabeu-Mestre, Josep; Galiana-Sánchez, María Eugenia; Cid Santos, Ana Paula; Esplugues Pellicer, Josep Xavier
Acceso abiertoHISTOLOGY.pdf.jpg2003How we teach recognizing images in histologyJuan Herrero, Joaquín de; Pérez-Cañaveras, Rosa M.
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Systemic_Functional_Linguistics_Use.pdf.jpg2008On the main resources used to persuade readers in multimodal texts related to health in the local pressMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2010Alcaraz_final.pdf.jpg2010Alan Paton as a defender of human rights during the apartheid eraMartínez Lirola, María