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Open accessmckeown y cochrane, bmj.pdf.jpg8-May-1993Thomas McKeown and Archibald Cochrane: a journey through the diffusion of their ideasÁlvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa
Open access63 Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia among Spanish.pdf.jpgMar-1991Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia among Spanish children and mothers' occupation: a case-control studyInfante-Rivard, Claire; Mur, Patricia; Armstrong, Ben; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Bolúmar Montrull, Francisco
Open accessThree Years' experience of Sexually Transmitted diseases in Seville, Spain.pdf.jpgJun-1981Three years' experience of sexually transmitted diseases in Seville, SpainPerea, Evelio J.; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Borobio, M.V.; Bedoya, J.M.; Escudero, J.; Gallardo, R.M.; González-Gabaldón, B.; De Miguel, C.; Moreno, J.C.; Pérez-Bernal, A.; Rodríguez-Pichardo, A.
Restricted accessStudy designs and statistical methods in rheumatological journals An international comparison.pdf.jpgOct-1991Study designs and statistical methods in rheumatological journals: an international comparisonRuiz-Cantero, María Teresa; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Vela, P.; Pascual, Eliseo
Restricted accessmitochondria.pdf.jpg9-Jan-1995Two types of mitochondria are evidenced by protein kinase C immunoreactivity in the Müller cells of the carp retinaFernández Jover, Eduardo; Cuenca, Nicolás; García Irles, Magdalena; Juan Herrero, Joaquín de
Restricted accessblack_bass_retina.pdf.jpg29-Jan-1996Formation and dissolution of spinules and changes in nematosome size require optic nerve integrity in black bass (Micropterus salmoides) retinaJuan Herrero, Joaquín de; García Irles, Magdalena; Cuenca, Nicolás
Restricted accessPediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology.pdf.jpgApr-1990Anaemia during pregnancy as a risk factor for infant iron deficiency: report from the Valencia Infant Anaemia Cohort (VIAC) studyColomer, Julia; Colomer Revuelta, Concha; Gutiérrez, Dolores; Jubert, Ángeles; Nolasco, Andreu; Donat, Joaquín; Fernández-Delgado, Rafael; Donat, Francisco; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Restricted accessAnaemia during Pregnancy as a Risk Factor for Infant Iron Deficiency a Dogma Rebated.pdf.jpgSep-1987Anaemia during pregnancy as a risk factor for infant iron deficiency: a dogma rebated?Colomer, Julia; Colomer Revuelta, Concha; Gutiérrez, Dolores; Jubert, Ángeles; Nolasco, Andreu; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Restricted accessProspective cohort study of female sex workers.pdf.jpgAug-1998Prospective cohort study of female sex workers and the risk of HIV infection in Alicante, Spain (1986-96)Vioque López, Jesús; Hernández Aguado, Ildefonso; Fernández García, E.; García de la Hera, Manuela; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Open accessEvaluation of a solid phase enzyme inmunoassay in the diagnosis of syphilis.pdf.jpg1985Evaluation of a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay in the diagnosis of syphilisBorobio, M.V.; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Gallardo, R.M.