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Open access63 Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia among Spanish.pdf.jpgMar-1991Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia among Spanish children and mothers' occupation: a case-control studyInfante-Rivard, Claire; Mur, Patricia; Armstrong, Ben; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Bolúmar Montrull, Francisco
Restricted access2013_Castellanos_etal_AnnalsofEpidemiology_final.pdf.jpgMar-2013Social determinants of sexual satisfaction in Spain considered from the gender perspectiveCastellanos Torres, Esther; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Ruiz Muñoz, Dolores; Pérez, Glòria
Open accessAlcohol and intimate partner violence do we have enough information to act.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2006Alcohol and intimate partner violence: do we have enough information to act?Gil-González, Diana; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Latour Pérez, Jaime
Open accessnew_directions_european_public_health_research.pdf.jpgMar-2007New directions in European public health research: report of a workshopClarke, Aileen; McCarthy, Mark; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Sogoric, Selma; Groenewegen, Peter; Groot, Wim; Delnoij, Diana
Open accessThree Years' experience of Sexually Transmitted diseases in Seville, Spain.pdf.jpgJun-1981Three years' experience of sexually transmitted diseases in Seville, SpainPerea, Evelio J.; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Borobio, M.V.; Bedoya, J.M.; Escudero, J.; Gallardo, R.M.; González-Gabaldón, B.; De Miguel, C.; Moreno, J.C.; Pérez-Bernal, A.; Rodríguez-Pichardo, A.
Open accessgender_parity_scientific_publications.pdf.jpgJun-2008Through gender parity in scientific publicationsJiménez Rodrigo, María Luisa; Martínez Morante, Emilia; García Calvente, María del Mar; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Restricted accessStudy designs and statistical methods in rheumatological journals An international comparison.pdf.jpgOct-1991Study designs and statistical methods in rheumatological journals: an international comparisonRuiz-Cantero, María Teresa; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Vela, P.; Pascual, Eliseo
Restricted access2013_Mira_Moreno_Cultures-of-Return.pdf.jpg2013Cultures of Return among Spanish Republican Women Exiles and their ChildrenMira Abad, Alicia; Moreno-Seco, Mónica
Restricted accessPerceived discrimination.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2009Perceived discrimination and health by gender, social class, and country of birth in a Southern European countryBorrell, Carme; Muntaner, Carles; Gil-González, Diana; Artazcoz, Lucía; Rodríguez-Sanz, Maica; Rohlfs, Izabella; Pérez, Katherine; García Calvente, María del Mar; Villegas, Rodrigo; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Open accessPlos_One_Vives_Cases2016.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2016Expert Opinions on Improving Femicide Data Collection across Europe: A Concept Mapping StudyVives-Cases, Carmen; Goicolea, Isabel; Hernández, Alison; Sanz, Belén; Gill, Aisha K.; Baldry, Anna Costanza; Schröttle, Monika; Stöckl, Heidi