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Open accessAn_approach_to_Big_Data_Modeling_for_Key-Value_NoSQL.pdf.jpgApr-2019An approach to Big Data Modeling for Key-Value NoSQL DatabasesMartinez-Mosquera, Diana; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Navarrete, Rosa; Mayorga, Tannia Cecilia; Vivanco Herrera, Henry Rodrigo
Open access2018_Gil_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2018The Effect of Green Software: A Study of Impact Factors on the Correctness of SoftwareGil, David; Fernández-Alemán, Jose Luis; Trujillo, Juan; García-Mateos, Ginés; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Toval, Ambrosio
Open access2019_Buenano-Fernandez_etal_ComputApplEngEduc_final.pdf.jpgMay-2019The use of tools of data mining to decision making in engineering education—A systematic mapping studyBuenaño Fernández, Diego; Villegas-CH, William; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open access2019_Acosta-Vargas_etal_IEEEAccess.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2019A Heuristic Method to Evaluate Web Accessibility for Users With Low VisionAcosta-Vargas, Patricia; Salvador-Ullauri, Luis; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessJaramillo-Alcazar_etal_2022_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2022Method for the Development of Accessible Mobile Serious Games for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderJaramillo-Alcázar, Angel; Arias, José; Albornoz, Israel; Alvarado, Alex; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessLarco_etal_2021_Sustainability.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2021Thinking about Inclusion: Designing a Digital App Catalog for People with Motor DisabilityLarco, Andres; Peñafiel, Paul; Yanez, César; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessCriollo-C_etal_2022_Sustainability.pdf.jpg30-May-2022Sustainable Teaching and Learning through a Mobile Application: A Case StudyCriollo-C, Santiago; Altamirano-Suarez, Erick; Jaramillo-Villacís, Lucía; Vidal-Pacheco, Kevin; Guerrero-Arias, Andrea; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessCriollo-C_etal_2023_Sustainability.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2023Towards the Integration of Emerging Technologies as Support for the Teaching and Learning Model in Higher EducationCriollo-C, Santiago; Govea, Jaime; Játiva, Washington; Pierrottet, Jose; Guerrero-Arias, Andrea; Jaramillo-Alcázar, Angel; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessCriollo-C_etal_2024_EducSci.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2023A Review of Emerging Technologies and Their Acceptance in Higher EducationCriollo-C, Santiago; González-Rodríguez, Mario; Guerrero-Arias, Andrea; Urquiza-Aguiar, Luis F.; Luján-Mora, Sergio
Open accessVillegas-Ch_etal_2024_BigDataCognComput.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2024Evaluating the Robustness of Deep Learning Models against Adversarial Attacks: An Analysis with FGSM, PGD and CWVillegas-Ch, William; Jaramillo-Alcázar, Angel; Luján-Mora, Sergio