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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessENTROPIE_n192-193_p72_1995.pdf.jpg1995Holographic reconstruction of binary microstructures: limitations due to the nonlinearity of the recording materialBányász, Istvan; Beléndez, Augusto; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Carretero López, Luis
Open accessSPIE_v2405_p32_1995.pdf.jpg23-Mar-1995Holographic photopolymer with pentaerythritol triacrylateFimia Gil, Antonio; Mateos Álvarez, Felipe; Beléndez, Augusto; Mallavia Marín, Ricardo; Amat Guerri, Francisco; Sastre Muñoz, Roberto
Open accessSPIE_v2406_p331_1995.pdf.jpg12-Apr-1995Experimental study of entropy for holographic optical elementsCarretero López, Luis; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Beléndez, Augusto
Restricted accessOC_v121_n4-6_p166_1995.pdf.jpg1-Dec-1995Nonlinear recording of amplitude holograms in Agfa 8E75HD: comparison of two developers (Optics Comm. 111 (1994) 225)Bányász, Istvan; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Beléndez, Augusto; Carretero López, Luis
Restricted accessJMO_v42_n6_p1351_1995.pdf.jpgJun-1995Nonlinear response of photopolymers for holography: copolymerization processFimia Gil, Antonio; Carretero López, Luis; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessWorkshop_DO_Praga_p50_1995.pdf.jpg21-Aug-1995DE's focusing in a circumference: numerical study of their performanceNavarro Gonzalo, María Teresa; Egozcue Rubí, Juan José; Beléndez, Augusto; Fimia Gil, Antonio
Open accessWorkshop_DO_Praga_p59_1995.pdf.jpg21-Aug-1995Axial irradiance and entropy of holographic optical elements under illumination with quasi-monochromatic lightCarretero López, Luis; Beléndez, Augusto; Fimia Gil, Antonio
Open accessAPL_v67_n26_p3856_1995.pdf.jpg25-Dec-1995Self-induced phase gratings due to the inhomogeneous structure of acrylamide photopolymer systems used as holographic recording materialsBeléndez, Augusto; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Carretero López, Luis; Mateos Álvarez, Felipe
Open accessOEng_v34_n4_p1108_1995.pdf.jpgApr-1995Noise sources in silver halide volume diffuse-object hologramsFimia Gil, Antonio; Carretero López, Luis; Fuentes Rosillo, Rosa; Beléndez, Augusto