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Open accessJHSE_Frehlich.pdf.jpg2018Test-retest reliability of a modified International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) to capture neighbourhood physical activityFrehlich, Levi; Friedenreich, Christine; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; McCormack, Gavin R.
Open accessJHSE_Roychowdhury.pdf.jpg2018A comprehensive measure of participation motivation: Examining and validating the Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation Scale (PALMS)Roychowdhury, Dev
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_2_297-310.pdf.jpg2016The practice of physical activity related to self-esteem and academical performance in students of basic educationBatista, Marco; Cubo, Delgado Sixto; Honório, Samuel; Martins, Júlio
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_3_367-375.pdf.jpg2016Effects of obesity on perception of ability and perception of body image in Portuguese children and adolescentsPeralta, Miguel; Marques, Adilson; Martins, João; Sarmento, Hugo; Costa, Francisco Carreiro da
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_4_415-425.pdf.jpg2016Self-concept, sport, and physical activity practice in university studentsOlmedilla, Aurelio; Ortega Toro, Enrique; Abenza, Lucia
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_1_19-30.pdf.jpg2016An evaluation of the "white card" as a resource for promoting an educational sports competitionOrtega Vila, Gema; Franco Martín, Jorge; Giménez Fuentes-Guerra, Javier; Durán González, Javier; Jiménez Sánchez, Concepción; Jiménez Martín, Pedro J.; Lambert, John
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S176-S194.pdf.jpg2016Mobile apps that support physical activities and the potential of these applications in physical education at schoolPalička, Pavel; Jakubec, Lukáš; Zvoníček, Jan
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S239-S244.pdf.jpg2016Physical activity effects on postural adjustments: a reviewBogdani, Andis; Pano, Genti
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_1_89-98.pdf.jpg2016Physical training in the environment: origin, evolution and reinterpretation modern timesAcuña Delgado, Ángel; Acuña Gómez, Guillermo
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1220-1229.pdf.jpg2017Impact of alternative footwear on human energy expenditureMorris, Cody Edward; Chander, Harish; Wilson, Samuel J.; Loftin, Mark; Wade, Chip; Garner, John C.