Characterization of a carbon felt electrode: structural and physical properties

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Títol: Characterization of a carbon felt electrode: structural and physical properties
Autors: González García, José | Bonete, Pedro | Expósito Rodríguez, Eduardo | Montiel, Vicente | Aldaz Riera, Antonio | Torregrosa Maciá, Rosa
Grups d'investigació o GITE: Nuevos Desarrollos Tecnológicos en Electroquímica: Sonoelectroquímica y Bioelectroquímica
Centre, Departament o Servei: Universidad de Alicante. Departamento de Química Física | Universidad de Alicante. Departamento de Química Inorgánica
Paraules clau: Electrochemistry | Carbon felt
Àrees de coneixement: Química Física
Data de creació: 1998
Data de publicació: 1999
Editor: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citació bibliogràfica: GONZÁLEZ GARCÍA, José, et al. “Characterization of a carbon felt electrode: structural and physical properties”. Journal of Materials Chemistry. Vol. 9, Issue 2 (1999). ISSN 0959-9428, pp. 419-426
Resum: The aim of this paper is the characterization of a carbon felt (Le Carbone Lorraine, RVC 4002) to be used as three-dimensional electrode. A wide group of very different techniques were used in the physical and structural characterization of this material. Both, structural (porosity, mean pore radius, specific surface area, tortuosity) and physical properties (permeability, electrical resistance) were determined by using mercury porosimetry, adsorption isotherm analysis, a filamentary analog procedure and liquid permeametry (pressure drop method). The results obtained from the modelling of the hydrodynamic behaviour, from previous work, were also applied here. The carbon felt studied was found to have a porosity around 0.98, a specific surface area of 22100-22700 m-1, 2.7 10-3 W m electrical resistivity and a tortuosity between 5 and 6. The comparison of these results with those found in the literature for other similar materials, used as three-dimensional electrodes, highlights the attractions of this carbon felt as a three-dimensional electrode.
Patrocinadors: D.G.I.C.Y.T. (project QUI97-1086) and “Generalidad Valenciana” (project GV-2231-94).
ISSN: 0959-9428
DOI: 10.1039/a805823g
Idioma: eng
Tipus: info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Revisió científica: si
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