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Open accessJHSE_14-2_11.pdf.jpg2019The effects of daily physical activity on functional fitness, isokinetic strength and body composition in elderly community-dwelling womenMonteiro, António M.; Silva, Pedro; Forte, Pedro; Carvalho, Joana
Open accessJHSE_14-2_16.pdf.jpg2019Factors associated with the subjective health complaints among adolescents: Results from the ASSO ProjectBianco, Antonino; Napoli, Giuseppe; Di Pasquale, Maria; Filippi, Annarita; Gómez-López, Manuel; Messina, Giuseppe; Iovane, Angelo; Tabacchi, Garden
Open accessJHSE_14-2_04.pdf.jpg2019Comparative advantage as a success factor in football clubs: Evidence from the English Premier League (EPL)Georgievski, Bojan; Labadze, Lasha; Aboelsoud, Mostafa E.
Open accessJHSE_14-2_18.pdf.jpg2019Soft tissues and bone health in sedentary women: A cross-sectional studyUbago-Guisado, Esther; Sánchez-Sánchez, Javier; Vila-Maldonado, Sara; Gallardo, Leonor
Open accessJHSE_14-2_12.pdf.jpg2019Effects of immediate post-exercise recovery after a high intensity exercise on subsequent cycling performanceKumstát, Michal; Struhár, Ivan; Hlinský, Tomáš; Thomas, Andy
Open accessJHSE_14-2_05.pdf.jpg2019Regression analysis model applied to age-group swimmers: 50m race component times analysisMorales Ortiz, Esther; Arellano Colomina, Raúl
Open accessJHSE_14-2_14.pdf.jpg2019A single step analysis of plantar pressure distribution in tennis specific movementsKornfeind, Philipp; Eckl, Michael; Baca, Arnold
Open accessJHSE_14-2_02.pdf.jpg2019Sex differences in hydration status among adolescent elite soccer playersFrancescato, Maria Pia; Venuto, Ilaria; Buoite Stella, Alex; Stel, Giuliana; Mallardi, Franco; Cauci, Sabina
Open accessJHSE_14-2_09.pdf.jpg2019Lower-extremity running-related injuries among 10,000-meter long distance runners in EthiopiaBegizew, Dagnachew Maru; Grace, Jeanne Martin; van Heerden, Hendrik Johannes
Open accessJHSE_14-2_17.pdf.jpg2019The role of mindfulness in performance and mental health among Japanese athletes: An examination of the relationship between alexithymic tendencies, burnout, and performanceAmemiya, Rei; Sakairi, Yosuke