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Open accessIvorra_etal_2022_EngFailureAnal.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2022Failure analysis of the collapse of a raised steel wine tankIvorra, Salvador; Torres, Benjamín; Estevan, Luis, et al
Open accessPerez-Carraminana_etal_2022_Sustainability.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2022Study of Natural Ventilation and Solar Control Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency and Environmental Quality in Glazed Heated Swimming Pools in a Dry Mediterranean ClimatePérez Carramiñana, Carlos; Maciá Mateu, Antonio; Sirvent-García, Germán, et al
Open accessSalmeron_etal_2022_Buildings.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2022Violin Ceramic Joist Slabs: Evaluation and Proposal for Intervention with Duplex-Type Stainless SteelSalmerón, Antonio; Climent, Miguel-Ángel; Ivorra, Salvador
Open accessDiaferio_Varona_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2022The Performance of Empirical Laws for Rebound Hammer Tests on Concrete StructuresDiaferio, Mariella; Varona Moya, Francisco de Borja
Open accessCliment_etal_2022_CorrosMaterDegrad.pdf.jpg24-May-2022Early Detection of Corrosion-Induced Concrete Micro-cracking by Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Techniques: Possible Influence of Mass Transport ProcessesCliment, Miguel-Ángel; Miró, Marina; Eiras, Jesús N., et al
Restricted accessCarbajo_etal_2022_MaterLett_final.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2022Determination of dynamic elastic modulus of materials under a state of simple stresses by using electrodynamic actuators in beam-type mechanical elementsCarbajo San Martín, Jesús; Poveda-Martínez, Pedro; Segovia-Eulogio, Enrique-Gonzalo, et al
Open accessRincon-Carrero_etal_2021_RevAcustica.pdf.jpg2021Caracterización vibroacústica de ruedas no neumáticasRincón-Carrero, Enrique; Poveda-Martínez, Pedro; Segovia-Eulogio, Enrique-Gonzalo
Open accessPomares-Torres_etal_2022_StructuralConcrete.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2022Strength capacity of prismatic specimens for masonry constructions made of concrete voussoirsPomares Torres, Juan Carlos; González Sánchez, Antonio; Pereiro-Barceló, Javier, et al
Open accessEstevan_etal_2022_ConstrBuildMat.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2022Textile Reinforced Mortars (TRM) tensile behavior after high temperature exposureEstevan, Luis; Varona Moya, Francisco de Borja; Baeza, F. Javier, et al
Restricted accessPereiro-Barcelo_etal_2022_ConstBuildMat_final.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2022Behaviour of retrofited precast UHPC and Ni-Ti SMA column-to-foundation connection with CFRP wrapping layersPereiro-Barceló, Javier; Bonet, José L.; Rueda-García, Lisbel, et al
Restricted accessAlvarado_etal_2022_StructEngMech_final.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2022Dynamic punching shear tests of flat slab-column joints with 5D steel fibersAlvarado, Yezid A.; Torres, Benjamín; Buitrago, Manuel, et al
Open accessBru_Ivorra_2022_RevALCONPAT_eng.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2022Thermographic study of the pathological manifestations due to humidity and of the conservation state of the Santa Maria Basilica’s roofBru, David; Ivorra, Salvador
Open accessVives_etal_2021_Sustainability.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2021A Parametric Study to Assess Lightweight Aggregate Concrete for Future Sustainable Construction of Reinforced Concrete BeamsVives Bonete, Ismael; Varona Moya, Francisco de Borja; Tenza-Abril, Antonio José, et al
Open accessIvorra_etal_2022_EngFailAnal.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2021Analysis of the failure and remedial measures taken after the collapse of a historical bellIvorra, Salvador; Torres, Benjamín; Cárcel, Alfonso C.
Restricted accessPereiro-Barcelo_etal_2022_EngStruct_final.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2021Cyclic response of precast column-to-foundation connection using uhpc and Ni–Ti SMA reinforcements in columnsPereiro-Barceló, Javier; Bonet, José L.; Rueda-García, Lisbel, et al
Open accessPomares_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2021Safety Issues in Buckling of Steel Structures by Improving Accuracy of Historical MethodsPomares Torres, Juan Carlos; Pereiro-Barceló, Javier; González Sánchez, Antonio, et al
Restricted accessGiordano_etal_2021_JEngMech_final.pdf.jpg2021Unreinforced and TRM-Reinforced Masonry Building Subjected to Pseudodynamic Excitations: Numerical and Experimental InsightsGiordano, Ersilia; Bertolesi, Elisa; Clementi, Francesco, et al
Open accessSpairani_etal_2021_Materials.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2021Study of the Behavior of Structural Materials Treated with BioconsolidantSpairani-Berrio, Yolanda; Cisternino, Arianna; Foti, Dora, et al
Open accessManzoor_etal_2021_ApplSci.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2021A Research Framework of Mitigating Construction Accidents in High-Rise Building Projects via Integrating Building Information Modeling with Emerging Digital TechnologiesManzoor, Bilal; Othman, Idris; Pomares Torres, Juan Carlos, et al
Open accessSegovia_etal_JElectroanalChem_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2021Cement mortar cracking under accelerated steel corrosion test: A mechanical and electrochemical modelSegovia-Eulogio, Enrique-Gonzalo; Vera Almenar, Guillem de; Miró, Marina, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149