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Open accessdevelopmental_regulation.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2004Developmental regulation of calcium-dependent feedback in Xenopus rodsSolessio, Eduardo; Mani, Shobana S.; Cuenca, Nicolás; Engbretson, Gustav A.; Barlow, Robert B.; Knox, Barry E.
Open accessv13a100-martinez-navarrete.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2007α-Synuclein gene expression profile in the retina of vertebratesMartínez Navarrete, Gema Concepción; Martín-Nieto, José; Esteve Rudd, Julián; Angulo Jerez, Antonia; Cuenca, Nicolás
Restricted accessexpression_mammalian_retina.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2010Expression in the mammalian retina of parkin and UCH-L1, two components of the ubiquitin-proteasome systemEsteve Rudd, Julián; Campello Blasco, Laura; Herrero Ezquerro, María Trinidad; Cuenca, Nicolás; Martín-Nieto, José
Restricted accessregressive_reactive.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2004Regressive and reactive changes in the connectivity patterns of rod and cone pathways of P23H transgenic rat retinaCuenca, Nicolás; Pinilla Lozano, Isabel; Sauvé, Yves; Lu, Bin; Wang, Shaomei; Lund, Raymond D.
Restricted accessground_squirrel_retina.pdf.jpg2002The neurons of the ground squirrel retina as revealed by immunostains for calcium binding proteins and neurotransmittersCuenca, Nicolás; Deng, Ping; Linberg, Ken A.; Lewis, Geoffrey P.; Fisher, Steven K.; Kolb, Helga
Restricted accessJ Physiol-2002-Solessio-831-47.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2002Membrane properties of an unusual intrinsically oscillating, wide-field teleost retinal amacrine cellSolessio, Eduardo; Vigh, Jozsef; Cuenca, Nicolás; Rapp, Kevin; Lasater, Eric M.
Restricted accessCalretinin_Immunoreactive.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2002A new look at calretinin-immunoreactive amacrine cell types in the monkey retinaKolb, Helga; Zhang, Li; Dekorver, Laura; Cuenca, Nicolás
Restricted accessCalretinin_Immunoreactive.pdf.jpg7-May-2001Localization of neurotransmitters and calcium binding proteins to neurons of salamander and mudpuppy retinasDeng, Ping; Cuenca, Nicolás; Doerr, Terry; Pow, David V.; Miller, Robert; Kolb, Helga
Restricted accessturtle_retina.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2000Morphological and neurochemical diversity of neuronal nitric oxide synthase-positive amacrine cells in the turtle retinaHaverkamp, Silke; Kolb, Helga; Cuenca, Nicolás
Restricted accessCholine_acetyltransferase.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2002Choline acetyltransferase is expressed by non-starburst amacrine cells in the ground squirrel retinaCuenca, Nicolás; Deng, Ping; Linberg, Ken A.; Fisher, Steven K.; Kolb, Helga