Revistas - Journal of Human Sport and Exercise - 2017, Vol. 12, No. 4

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Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1346-1360.pdf.jpg2017Biomechanical and bioenergetical evaluation of swimmers using fully-tethered swimming: A qualitative reviewAmaro, Nuno M.; Morouço, Pedro G.; Marques, Mário C., et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1337-1345.pdf.jpg2017Changes in throwing sports rules: Implications about the performance of Paralympic athletesMartins Freire, Gilberto; Pedro Moraes, Milena; Sales Bocalini, Danilo, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1328-1336.pdf.jpg2017Comparative study on pre-competition mood in Canadian and Spanish university studentsPortela-Pino, Iago; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Águeda; Alonso-Fernández, Diego, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1310-1327.pdf.jpg2017The effect of a “PBL” physical activity program based methodology on the development of values in Spanish Primary EducationRamírez, Vicente; Padial, Rosario; Torres, Beatriz, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1298-1309.pdf.jpg2017Assessment of kinematic characteristics of preschoolers’ gait during the implementation of an intervention training programAxeti, Georgia; Gissis, Ioannis; Vrabas, Ioannis, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1289-1297.pdf.jpg2017Fitness – aerobic training of 15 – 17 years´ age girl students, who have significant risk of deviations in backbone functional stateKriventsova, Irina; Pashkevych, Sviatoslava; Iermakov, Sergii, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1278-1288.pdf.jpg2017Masculine, feminine and neutral sports: Extracurricular sport modalities in practiceAlvariñas-Villaverde, Myriam; López-Villar, Cristina; Fernández-Villarino, María A., et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1265-1277.pdf.jpg2017The impact of an educational course for swimming on free style swimming performance and life skills for deaf studentsAbu Al-Taieb, Mohammad Hassan; Ay, Khitam Mousa; Al Dababseh, Mohammad Fayez, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1256-1264.pdf.jpg2017Comparison of breast motion at different levels of support during physical activityWang, Ching-Sui; Wang, Lin-Hwa; Kuo, Li-Chieh, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1248-1255.pdf.jpg2017Metabolic profile of a crossfit training boutEscobar, Kurt Anthony; Morales, Jacobo; Vandusseldorp, Trisha Ann
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1238-1247.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation of young elite soccer players food intake on match day and highest training load daysGranja, Diana Silvério; Cotovio, Ricardo; Pinto, Ricardo, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1230-1237.pdf.jpg2017The effect of a wearable physical activity monitor (Fitbit One) on physical activity behaviour in women: A pilot studyFarnell, Greg; Barkley, Jacob
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1220-1229.pdf.jpg2017Impact of alternative footwear on human energy expenditureMorris, Cody Edward; Chander, Harish; Wilson, Samuel J., et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1208-1219.pdf.jpg2017Carbohydrates plus protein reduces oxidative stress after single bout of aerobic exerciseFerreira, Daniel dos Santos; Toscano, Lydiane Tavares; Rocha, Liliana Leal Lopes, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1199-1207.pdf.jpg2017Estimation of specific VO2max for elderly in cycle ergometerNunes, Rodolfo de Alkmim Moreira; Castro, Juliana Brandão Pinto de; Silva, Leandro de Lima e, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1186-1198.pdf.jpg2017Effects of a high-intensity interval training protocol based on functional exercises on performance and body composition in handball female playersAlonso-Fernández, Diego; Lima-Correa, Fabio; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Águeda, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1176-1185.pdf.jpg2017Default and individual comparison of physiological responses and time-motion analysis in male and female soccer players during small-sided gamesJastrzębski, Zbigniew; Radzimiński, Łukasz
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1162-1175.pdf.jpg2017Strength in young rhythmic gymnastsBatista, Amanda; Garganta, Rui; Ávila-Carvalho, Lurdes
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1153-1161.pdf.jpg2017Dynamic stretching is effective as static stretching at increasing flexibilityCoons, John M.; Gould, Colleen E.; Kim, Jwa K., et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_12_N_4_1144-1152.pdf.jpg2017Throwing velocity in water polo elite competition: Analysis of associated variablesGarcía-Cervantes, Laura; Ruiz-Lara, Encarnación; Argudo Iturriaga, Francisco Manuel, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20