Rhetorical questions, relevance and scales

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dc.contributor.authorGutiérrez Rexach, Javier-
dc.identifier.citationGUTIÉRREZ REXACH, Javier. “Rhetorical questions, relevance and scales”. Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses. No. 11 (Nov. 1998). ISSN 0214-4808, pp. 139-155en
dc.description.abstractRhetorical questions, and other varieties of pragmatically conditioned questions, present a challenge for a purely truth-conditional theory of the interpretation of interrogatives. In this paper, it is argued that relevance-theoretic principles account for the conditions of use of rhetorical questions. Concretely, it is proposed that a pragmatic principle, the "Bottom of Scale Principle", critically interacts with the Principle of Relevance and derives the dynamic meaning of the rhetorical use of a question. The Bottom of Scale Principle is also associated with the particular entailment and monotonicity properties of interrogatives, which explain the ability of rhetorical questions to license negative polarity items.en
dc.publisherUniversidad de Alicante. Departamento de Filología Inglesaen
dc.relation.ispartofRevista alicantina de estudios ingleses, No. 11 (Nov. 1998); pp. 139-155en
dc.subjectInterrogación retóricaen
dc.subjectLingüística comparadaen
dc.subjectAnálisis del discursoen
dc.subjectTeoría de la relevanciaen
dc.subjectUsos lingüísticosen
dc.subjectPolaridad negativaen
dc.subjectAnálisis semántico-pragmáticoen
dc.titleRhetorical questions, relevance and scalesen
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