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Restricted access2015_Ortega_etal_ACME_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Impedance spectroscopy study of the effect of environmental conditions in the microstructure development of OPC and slag cement mortarsOrtega, José Marcos; Sánchez, Isidro; Climent, Miguel-Ángel
Open access2014_Ortega_etal_MC.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2014Durability and compressive strength of blast furnace slag-based cement grout for special geotechnical applicationsOrtega, José Marcos; Pastor Navarro, José Luis; Albaladejo Ruiz, Arturo; Sánchez, Isidro; Climent, Miguel-Ángel
Open access2016_Rodriguez_etal_JClePro_final.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2016The incorporation of construction and demolition wastes as recycled mixed aggregates in non-structural concrete precast piecesRodríguez, Carlos; Parra, Carlos; Casado, G.; Miñano, Isabel; Albaladejo, F.; Benito, Francisco; Sánchez, Isidro
Open access2016_Ortega_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2016Microstructural Effects of Sulphate Attack in Sustainable Grouts for MicropilesOrtega, José Marcos; Esteban Pérez, María Dolores; Rodríguez Escribano, Raúl Rubén; Pastor Navarro, José Luis; Sánchez, Isidro
Open access2014_Camacho_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2014Mechanical Properties and Durability of CNT Cement CompositesCamacho Ballesta, María del Carmen; Galao Malo, Oscar; Baeza, F. Javier; Zornoza, Emilio; Garcés, Pedro
Restricted accessMAT_STRUCT_48_(4)_(2015)_863_869.pdf.jpgApr-2015Procedure for calculating the chloride diffusion coefficient and surface concentration from a profile having a maximum beyond the concrete surfaceAndrade, Carmen; Climent, Miguel-Ángel; Vera Almenar, Guillem de
Open access2015_Gomis_etal_ConBuildMat_final.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2015Self-heating and deicing conductive cement. Experimental study and modelingGomis, J.; Galao Malo, Oscar; Gomis Yagües, Vicente; Zornoza, Emilio; Garcés, Pedro
Open access2016_Ferrandiz_etal_Materials&Design_final.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2016Design of bespoke lightweight cement mortars containing waste expanded polystyrene by experimental statistical methodsFerrándiz-Mas, Verónica; Sarabia, Luis Antonio; Ortiz, María Cruz; Cheeseman, Chris R.; García Alcocel, Eva María
Open access2014_Gurdian_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2014Corrosion Behavior of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete with Recycled Aggregates, Fly Ash and Spent Cracking CatalystGurdián Curran, Flora Hebé; García Alcocel, Eva María; Baeza Brotons, Francisco; Garcés, Pedro; Zornoza, Emilio
Open access2014_Baeza_etal_JClePro_final.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2014Portland cement systems with addition of sewage sludge ash. Application in concretes for the manufacture of blocksBaeza Brotons, Francisco; Garcés, Pedro; Payá Bernabeu, Jordi; Saval Pérez, José Miguel