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Open access48TOTHERJ_GEmodels_LimitationsProposals.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2011GE models and algorithms for condensed phase equilibrium data regression in ternary systems: limitations and proposalsMarcilla, Antonio; Labarta, Juan A.; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Olaya, Maria del Mar
Open accessPoster_NTRL_IyII_expoquimia2008.pdf.jpgOct-2008NRTL parameters for some type I and II ternary systemsLabarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Velasco, Raúl; Marcilla, Antonio
Open accessFLUID_8373_press.pdf.jpg2010Methods for improving models for condensed phase equilibrium calculationsMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Labarta, Juan A.
Restricted accessCorrelation_LLLE_Type3_JAReyesLabarta.pdf.jpgApr-2009Gibbs energy based procedure for the correlation of type 3 ternary systems including a three-liquid phase regionMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Velasco, Raúl; Labarta, Juan A.
Restricted accessCorrelation_LL_T1_T2_final.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2008Correlation of the liquid–liquid equilibrium data for specific ternary systems with one or two partially miscible binary subsystemsLabarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Velasco, Raúl; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores; Marcilla, Antonio
Restricted accessFLUID_7854.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2008Modelling liquid–liquid equilibria for island type ternary systemsOlaya, Maria del Mar; Labarta, Juan A.; Velasco, Raúl; Ibarra García, Isabel; Marcilla, Antonio
Open access2017_Marcilla_etal_FluidPhaseEquilibria_final.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2017Should we trust all the published LLE correlation parameters in phase equilibria? Necessity of their assessment prior to publicationMarcilla, Antonio; Labarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar
Restricted access2018_Wen_etal_FluidPhaseEquilibria_final.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2018Ternary liquid–liquid equilibrium of an azeotropic mixture (hexane + methanol) with different imidazolium-based ionic liquids at T = 298.15 K and 101.325 kPaWen, Guilin; Bai, Wenting; Zheng, Fengbin; Labarta, Juan A.; Ma, Yixin; Wang, Yinglong; Gao, Jun
Open accessPoster_Mapping_LVE_LLVE_AijRelations_ExpoQ2014_F3W34.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2014Mapping Binary Liquid-Vapor or Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria Regions, including the Different Azeotropic Behaviours, as a Function of the NRTL Binary ParametersLabarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Marcilla, Antonio
Open access2016_Rodriguez-Escontrela_etal_PCCP_final.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2016Correlation of three-liquid-phase equilibria involving ionic liquidsRodríguez-Escontrela, Iria; Arce, Alberto; Soto, Ana; Marcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Labarta, Juan A.