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Open access2019_Brocal_etal_Complexity.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2019Emerging Risk Management in Industry 4.0: An Approach to Improve Organizational and Human Performance in the Complex SystemsBrocal, Francisco; González, Cristina; Komljenovic, Dragan, et al
Restricted access2019_Carbajo_etal_ApplMathModelling_final.pdf.jpgDec-2019A non-parametric fluid-equivalent approach for the acoustic characterization of rigid porous materialsCarbajo San Martín, Jesús; Prieto, Andrés; Ramis-Soriano, Jaime, et al
Open access2019_Lloret-Climent_etal_IEEEAccess.pdf.jpg8-May-2019Design of Products Through the Search for the AttractorLloret-Climent, Miguel; Nescolarde-Selva, Josué Antonio; Mora, Higinio, et al
Open accessSociedad-Urbana_03_07.pdf.jpg1996El impacto medioambiental del ruido lúdico en el Casco Histórico de AlicanteDurá Domenech, Antonio; Vera Guarinos, Jenaro; Hernández Prados, Antonio, et al
Open access2019_Brocal_etal_ArchPrevRiesgosLabor.pdf.jpg2019Nuevos escenarios normalizados para la integración de la responsabilidad social y la prevención de riesgos laborales en el sistema de gestión empresarialBrocal, Francisco; Bajo García, Irene; Varó Galvañ, Pedro José
Open access2019_Uso-Domenech_etal_Mathematics.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2019Indirect Effects, Biotic Inferential Interactions and Time Functions in H-Semiotic Systems: Ecosystems CaseUsó i Domènech, Josep Lluís; Nescolarde-Selva, Josué Antonio; Lloret-Climent, Miguel, et al
Open access2019_Fenoll_etal_Polymers.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2019Holographic Characteristics of Photopolymers Containing Different Mixtures of Nematic Liquid CrystalsFenoll Gambín, Sandra; Brocal, Francisco; Segura, José David, et al
Open access2019_Lloret-Climent_etal_IEEEAccess.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2019Causal Analysis of the Spanish Industrial Sector Through SmartaLloret-Climent, Miguel; Nescolarde-Selva, Josué Antonio; Alonso-Stenberg, Kristian, et al
Restricted access2019_Amado-Mendes_etal_EngAnalBoundElem_final.pdf.jpgMay-2019Numerical modelling of finite periodic arrays of acoustic resonators using an efficient 3D BEM modelAmado-Mendes, Paulo; Godinho, Luís; Carbajo San Martín, Jesús, et al
Open access2019_Climent_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2019Use of Non-Linear Ultrasonic Techniques to Detect Cracks Due to Steel Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete StructuresCliment, Miguel-Ángel; Miró, Marina; Carbajo San Martín, Jesús, et al
Restricted access2019_Nescolarde-Selva_etal_Kybernetes_final.pdf.jpg2019What are unintended and adverse consequences?Nescolarde-Selva, Josué Antonio; Gash, Hugh; Usó i Domènech, Josep Lluís
Restricted access2019_Sanchez_etal_SafetySci_final.pdf.jpgApr-2019Assessment of emerging risk level by occupational exposure to hand-arm vibrations: Approach under uncertainty conditionsSánchez-Lite, Alberto; González, Cristina; Brocal, Francisco
Restricted access2019_Carbajo_etal_ApplAcoustics_final.pdf.jpgJun-2019Perforated panel absorbers with micro-perforated partitionsCarbajo San Martín, Jesús; Ramis-Soriano, Jaime; Godinho, Luís, et al
Restricted access2019_Lloret-Climent_etal_Kybernetes_final.pdf.jpg2019A systemic and cybernetic perspective on causality, big data and social networks in tourismLloret-Climent, Miguel; Montoyo, Andres; Gutiérrez, Yoan, et al
Open access2017_Gonzalez-Gaya_etal_ProcediaManufacturing.pdf.jpg2017Approach to identification and characterization of the new and emerging risks associated with Industrial Green BuildingGonzález, Cristina; Fuentes-Bargues, José Luis; Brocal, Francisco, et al
Open access2017_Brocal_etal_ProcediaManufacturing.pdf.jpg2017Proposed methodology for the study of the level of emerging risk from exposure to hand-arm vibrations in manufacturing environmentsBrocal, Francisco; Sánchez-Lite, Alberto; González, Cristina, et al
Open access2018_Zhou_etal_MathBiosciEng.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2018Stoichiometric modeling of aboveground-belowground interaction of herbaceous plantZhou, Xinru; Rong, Xinmiao; Fan, Meng, et al
Open access2018_Uso-Domenech_etal_Mathematics.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2018Universe of Discourse and ExistenceUsó i Domènech, Josep Lluís; Nescolarde-Selva, Josué Antonio; Gash, Hugh
Restricted access2019_Gonzalez-Correa_etal_OceanCoastManag_final.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2019Recreational boat traffic effects on fish assemblages: First evidence of detrimental consequences at regulated mooring zones in sensitive marine areas detected by passive acousticsGonzález-Correa, José Miguel; Bayle-Sempere, Just T.; Juanes, Francis, et al
Open access2018_Pomares_etal_WIT-TBE.pdf.jpg2018Experimental Tests on Personal Safety Devices for Falls from HeightPomares Torres, Juan Carlos; Carrión, Elena Ángela; Irles Más, Ramón, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 114