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Restricted accessUnsupported copper nanoparticles.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2010Unsupported copper nanoparticles in the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of terminal alkynes and azidesAlonso, Francisco; Moglie, Yanina; Radivoy, Gabriel; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessACS Catalysis Heterogeneous Catalytic Homocoupling of Terminal Alkynes.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2012Heterogeneous catalytic homocoupling of terminal alkynesAlonso, Francisco; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessHomocoupling of Terminal Alkynes.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2011Homocoupling of terminal alkynes catalysed by ultrafine copper nanoparticles on titaniaAlonso, Francisco; Melkonian, Taki; Moglie, Yanina; Yus, Miguel
Open accessSYNLETT Copper-Catalysed Multicomponent Click Synthesis of 5-Alkynyl.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2012Copper-catalysed multicomponent click synthesis of 5-alkynyl 1,2,3-triazoles under ambient conditionsAlonso, Francisco; Moglie, Yanina; Radivoy, Gabriel; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessEurJoc Three-Component Coupling of Aldehides, Amines.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2012Three-component coupling of aldehydes, amines and alkynes catalyzed by oxidized copper nanoparticles on titaniaAlbaladejo Maricó, María José; Alonso, Francisco; Moglie, Yanina; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessSynthesis_of_Indolizines.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2013Synthesis of indolizines and heterocyclic chalcones catalyzed by supported copper nanoparticlesAlbaladejo Maricó, María José; Alonso, Francisco; Yus, Miguel
Open access2016_Perez_etal_ChemCatChem.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2016Copper(I)–Phosphinite Complexes in Click Cycloadditions: Three-Component Reactions and Preparation of 5-IodotriazolesPérez Galera, Juana María; Crosbie, Peter; Lal, Steven; Díez-González, Silvia
Open access2015_Alonso_etal_AdvSynthCatal_final.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2015Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling of Tertiary Amines and Terminal Alkynes Catalyzed by Copper Nanoparticles on ZeoliteAlonso, Francisco; Arroyo, Adrián; Martín-García, Iris; Moglie, Yanina
Open access2013_Perez_etal_Synthesis_final.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2013Copper-Impregnated Magnetite as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Homocoupling of Terminal AlkynesPérez Galera, Juana María; Cano Monserrat, Rafael; Yus, Miguel; Ramón, Diego J.
Restricted access2013_Trillo_etal_AS&C_final.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2013Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Alkylation of β-Keto Esters with XanthydrolsTrillo Alarcón, María Paz; Baeza, Alejandro; Nájera, Carmen