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EmbargoedEstruch-Blasco_etal_2020_JOrgChem_final.pdf.jpg18-May-2020Radical Arylation of Triphenyl Phosphite Catalyzed by Salicylic Acid: Mechanistic Investigations and Synthetic ApplicationsEstruch Blasco, Manel; Felipe-Blanco, Diego; Bosque, Irene, et al
Restricted accessSaadati_etal_2020_ApplOrganometChem_final.pdf.jpgOct-2020Manganese oxide nanoparticles supported on graphene oxide as an efficient nanocatalyst for the synthesis of 1,2,4‐oxadiazoles from aldehydesSaadati, Fariba; Kaboudin, Babak; Hasanloei, Rana, et al
Open accessSirotkin_etal_2020_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2020Abatement of the Stimulatory Effect of Copper Nanoparticles Supported on Titania on Ovarian Cell Functions by Some Plants and PhytochemicalsSirotkin, Alexander V.; Radosová, Monika; Tarko, Adam, et al
EmbargoedBosque_etal_2020_OrgChemFront_final.pdf.jpg26-May-2020Cross-dehydrogenative coupling involving benzylic and allylic C–H bondsBosque, Irene; Chinchilla, Rafael; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C., et al
EmbargoedSaavedra_etal_2020_EurJOrgChem_final.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2020Multicomponent Synthesis of Sulfones and Sulfides from Triarylbismuthines and Sodium Metabisulfite in Deep Eutectic SolventsSaavedra, Beatriz; Marset, Xavier; Guillena, Gabriela, et al
EmbargoedAlbert-Soriano_Pastor_2020_AdvSynthCatal_final.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Anion‐Dependent Imidazolium‐Based Catalysts for Allylation of Aniline with Tunable RegioselectivityAlbert-Soriano, María; Pastor, Isidro M.
Open accessBaciu_etal_2020_NanoscaleAdv.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2020Helical nanostructures for organic electronics: the role of topological sulfur in ad hoc synthesized dithia[7]helicenes studied in the solid state and on a gold surfaceBaciu, Bianca C.; Ara, Tamara de; Sabater, Carlos, et al
Restricted accessSirotkin_etal_2020_Nanotoxicology_final.pdf.jpg2020Effect of morphology and support of copper nanoparticles on basic ovarian granulosa cell functionsSirotkin, Alexander V.; Radosová, Monika; Tarko, Adam, et al
Open access2020_Ramirez_etal_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2020Direct Decarboxylative Allylation and Arylation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids Using Flavin‐Mediated Photoredox CatalysisRamírez, Nieves P.; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Restricted accessGuijarro_Verges_Mater_Res_Express_2019_Gap_opening_K3Terphenyl.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2020Gap opening in the most stable phases of K3 Terphenyl compoundGuijarro, Albert; Vergés Brotons, José Antonio
Open access2019_Felipe_Gonzalez_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2019Metal‐Free Arylation‐Lactonization Sequence of γ‐Alkenoic Acids Using Anilines as Aryl Radical PrecursorsFelipe-Blanco, Diego; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2019_Alonso_etal_CurrGreenChem_final.pdf.jpg2019Synthesis of Propargylamines by Cross-Dehydrogenative CouplingAlonso, Francisco; Bosque, Irene; Chinchilla, Rafael, et al
Open access2019_Gonzalez-Soria_Alonso_AdvSynthCatal_final.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2019Substrate‐Controlled Divergent Synthesis of Enaminones and Pyrroles from Indolizines and Nitroso CompoundsGonzález Soria, María José; Alonso, Francisco
Open access2019_Marset_etal_FrontChem.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Palladium Mesoionic Carbene Pre-catalyst for General Cross-Coupling Transformations in Deep Eutectic SolventsMarset, Xavier; Saavedra, Beatriz; González-Gallardo, Nerea, et al
Open access2019_Bosque_Bach_ACSCatal_final.pdf.jpg23-Aug-20193-Acetoxyquinuclidine as Catalyst in Electron Donor–Acceptor Complex-Mediated Reactions Triggered by Visible LightBosque, Irene; Bach, Thorsten
Open access2019_Saavedra_etal_AdvSynthCatal_final.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2019A Bipyridine‐Palladium Derivative as General Pre‐Catalyst for Cross‐Coupling Reactions in Deep Eutectic SolventsSaavedra, Beatriz; González-Gallardo, Nerea; Meli, Alessandro, et al
Open access2019_Gisbert_etal_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2019Effective and Sustainable Access to Quinolines and Acridines: A Heterogeneous Imidazolium Salt Mediates C–C and C–N Bond FormationGisbert, Patricia; Albert-Soriano, María; Pastor, Isidro M.
Embargoed2019_Bondarenko_etal_ApplCatB_final.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2019Solvent-free synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2 and epoxides catalyzed by reusable alumina-supported zinc dichlorideBondarenko, Grigoriy N.; Dvurechenskaya, Ekaterina G.; Ganina, Olga G., et al
Open access2019_Ramirez_etal_OrgLett_final.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2019Decarboxylative Cyanation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids via Visible-Light Flavin PhotocatalysisRamírez, Nieves P.; König, Burkhard; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2019_Carrera_etal_JPhysChemC_final.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2019Characterization of Main Phase in Kxp-Terphenyl and Its Largest Congener Kxpoly(p-phenylene): A Report of Their Magnetic and Electric PropertiesCarrera, Manuel; McDonald, James L.; Untiedt, Carlos, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 147