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Restricted accessKrichen_etal_2024_PlantBiosyst_final.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2024Ecophysiological traits of seedlings from different accessions of Stipa tenacissima along a climatic gradientKrichen, Khouloud; Vilagrosa, Alberto; Ben Mariem, Houcine, et al
Open accessBenito-Kaesbach_etal_2024_EnvironPollut.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2024Understanding the sources of marine litter in remote islands: The Galapagos islands as a case studyBenito-Kaesbach, Alba; Suárez-Moncada, Jenifer; Velastegui, Alfonso, et al
Restricted accessBecerra_etal_2024_Trees_final.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2024The provision of water and shade but not soil amendments in degraded habitats increases the seedling survival of woody species in restoration processes of the Chilean sclerophyllous forestBecerra, Pablo I.; Arellano, Eduardo C.; Vilagrosa, Alberto, et al
Restricted accessJankauskas_etal_2024_MarPollutBull_final.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2024Microplastic in clams: An extensive spatial assessment in south BrazilJankauskas, Laura; Pinho, Grasiela Lopes Leães; Sanz-Lázaro, Carlos, et al
EmbargoedDerak_etal_2024_EnvironDevelop_accepted.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2024Social learning to promote forest restoration in a semi-arid landscape in North AfricaDerak, Mchich; Taiqui, Lahcen; Fiedler, Sebastian, et al
Open accessSoliveres_etal_2024_JHazardMater.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2024Anthropogenic and environmental factors partly co-determine the level, composition and temporal variation of beach debrisSoliveres, Santiago; Casado-Coy, Nuria; Martinez-Perez, Jose Emilio, et al
EmbargoedRibeiro_etal_2024_EnvironPollut_accepted.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2024Microplastics in rocky shore mollusks of different feeding habits: An assessment of sentinel performanceRibeiro, Victor Vasques; Soares, Thaiza Maria Avelino; De-la-torre, Gabriel Enrique, et al
Open accessMarquez_etal_2024_GacSanit.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2024Estimación retrospectiva de los casos iniciales de COVID-19 en Santiago Región Metropolitana en ChileMárquez, Jenny; Garcia-Garcia, David; Vigo, Isabel, et al
Open accessRen_etal_2024_FunctionalEcology.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2024Pushing the limits of C3 intrinsic water use efficiency in Mediterranean semiarid steppes: Responses of a drought-avoider perennial grass to climate aridificationRen, Wei; García-Palacios, Pablo; Soliveres, Santiago, et al
Open accessDeltell_etal_2024_EurJForestRes.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2024Allometric equations to calculate living and dead fuel loads in Mediterranean speciesDeltell, Leyre; Santana, Víctor M.; Baeza, M. Jaime
Restricted accessPichon_etal_2024_EcologyLetters_final.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2024Nitrogen availability and plant functional composition modify biodiversity-multifunctionality relationshipsPichon, Noémie A.; Cappelli, Seraina L.; Soliveres, Santiago, et al
Open accessLopezosa_etal_2024_JApplEcol.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2024Land use determines Mediterranean ecosystems' multifunctionality more than plant richness or habitat compositionLopezosa, Paula; Soliveres, Santiago; Serra, Lluís, et al
Open accessMorelle-Hungria_etal_2023_KrimOJ.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2023Underwater Noise Pollution as an Ecological Crime: A Global Problem in the AnthropoceneMorelle Hungría, Esteban; Fonfría, Eva S.; Dobson, John Y., et al
Open accessMorcillo_etal_2023_JEnvironManag.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2023Drone-based assessment of microsite-scale hydrological processes promoted by restoration actions in early post-mining ecological restoration stagesMorcillo Juliá, Luna; Turrión, Diana; Fuentes Delgado, David, et al
Restricted accessMas_etal_2024_NewPhytologist_final.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2023Interactions between beech and oak seedlings can modify the effects of hotter droughts and the onset of hydraulic failureMas, Eugénie; Cochard, Hervé; Deluigi, Janisse, et al
Open accessSanchez-Jerez_etal_2023_Coasts.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2023Mussel Shells from Marine Aquaculture Act like Ecosystem Engineers: Legacy Effects on Benthic CommunitiesSanchez-Jerez, Pablo; Casado-Coy, Nuria; Troncoso, Jesus S., et al
Open accessSabater_etal_2023_Ecohydrology.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2023Testing transpiration rates of juvenile Aleppo pine trees using the heat ratio method under laboratory conditionsSabater, Ana M.; Valiente, Jose Antonio; Bellot, Juan, et al
Open accessSayol_etal_2023_Instrumentation-Viewpoint.pdf.jpg2023Pathways of economically relevant demersal species in the Ibiza Channel from a Lagrangian backtracking approachSayol, Juan Manuel; Garcia-Garcia, David; Bordehore, Cesar, et al
Open accessLopezosa_etal_2023_LandscEcol.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2023On the relative importance of land use, landscape characteristics, bird and plant assemblages as drivers of Mediterranean ecosystem functioningLopezosa, Paula; Berdugo, Miguel; Soliveres, Santiago
Open accessManas‐Navarro_etal_2023_LandDegradDev.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2023Unravelling social barriers in ecological restoration decision-making: A network analysis approachMañas-Navarro, José Javier; Aledo, Antonio; Ortiz, Guadalupe, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 316