A new paradigm: cloud agile manufacturing

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Títol: A new paradigm: cloud agile manufacturing
Autors: Maciá Pérez, Francisco | Berna-Martinez, Jose Vicente | Marcos-Jorquera, Diego | Lorenzo Fonseca, Iren | Ferrándiz Colmeiro, Antonio
Grups d'investigació o GITE: GrupoM. Redes y Middleware
Centre, Departament o Servei: Universidad de Alicante. Departamento de Tecnología Informática y Computación
Paraules clau: Agile manufacturing | Cloud computing | Business process management | Semantic industrial machinery
Àrees de coneixement: Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores
Data de publicació: d’agost-2012
Editor: Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety (SERSC)
Citació bibliogràfica: MACIÁ-PÉREZ, Francisco, et al. “A new paradigm: cloud agile manufacturing”. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology. Vol. 45 (Aug. 2012). ISSN 2005-4238, pp. 47-54
Resum: Cloud Agile Manufacturing is a new paradigm proposed in this article. The main objective of Cloud Agile Manufacturing is to offer industrial production systems as a service. Thus users can access any functionality available in the cloud of manufacturing (process design, production, management, business integration, factories virtualization, etc.) without knowledge — or at least without having to be experts — in managing the required resources. The proposal takes advantage of many of the benefits that can offer technologies and models like: Business Process Management (BPM), Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Ontologies. To develop the proposal has been taken as a starting point the Semantic Industrial Machinery as a Service (SIMaaS) proposed in previous work. This proposal facilitates the effective integration of industrial machinery in a computing environment, offering it as a network service. The work also includes an analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of the proposal.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10045/24037
ISSN: 2005-4238
Idioma: eng
Tipus: info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Drets: First published in IJAST Vol. 45, August 2012.
Revisió científica: si
Versió de l'editor: http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJAST/
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