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Open access2017_Otero_etal_ConcurrencyComputat_final.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2017A performance analysis of a mimetic finite difference scheme for acoustic wave propagation on GPU platformsOtero Calviño, Beatriz; Francés, Jorge; Rodriguez, Robert; Rojas, Otilio; Solano, Freysimar; Guevara-Jordan, Juan
Open accessPolymers_v9_n7_art00298_2017.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2017Additives Type Schiff’s Base as Modifiers of the Optical Response in Holographic Polymer-Dispersed Liquid CrystalsFenoll Gambín, Sandra; Navarro-Fuster, Víctor; Ortuño, Manuel; Serrano, Jose Luis; Márquez, Andrés; Gallego, Sergi; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessMDPIphotonics-MiWang2017-WSS_publicado.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2017LCoS SLM Study and Its Application in Wavelength Selective SwitchWang, Mi; Zong, Liangjia; Mao, Lei; Márquez, Andrés; Ye, Yabin; Zhao, Han; Vaquero Caballero, Francisco Javier
Open accessSPIE_v10395_art1039509_2017.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2017SF-FDTD analysis of a predictive physical model for parallel aligned liquid crystal devicesMárquez, Andrés; Francés, Jorge; Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Gallego, Sergi; Alvarez, Mariela L.; Calzado Estepa, Eva María; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessAMP_v2017_Art_7396063_14pp_2017.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2017Closed-Form Exact Solutions for the Unforced Quintic Nonlinear OscillatorBeléndez, Augusto; Arribas Garde, Enrique; Beléndez, Tarsicio; Pascual, Carolina; Gimeno, Encarnación; Alvarez, Mariela L.
Open accessOMEX_v7_n1_pp_133-147_2017.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Peristrophic multiplexed holograms recorded in a low toxicity photopolymerNavarro-Fuster, Víctor; Ortuño, Manuel; Fernandez, Roberto; Gallego, Sergi; Márquez, Andrés; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Open accessSPIE_v10233_art_102331O_2017.pdf.jpg15-May-2017Multiplexed holograms recorded in a low toxicity Biophotopol photopolymerNavarro-Fuster, Víctor; Ortuño, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi; Fernandez, Roberto; Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Márquez, Andrés; Pascual, Inmaculada
Open access2017_Neipp_etal_Polymers.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2017Optimization of Photopolymer Materials for the Fabrication of a Holographic WaveguideNeipp, Cristian; Francés, Jorge; Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Fernandez, Roberto; Alvarez, Mariela L.; Bleda, Sergio; Ortuño, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi
Open accessSPIE_v10395_art103951D_2017.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2017Diffractive lenses in biocompatible photopolymers using LCoSFernandez, Roberto; Gallego, Sergi; Navarro-Fuster, Víctor; Ortuño, Manuel; Márquez, Andrés; Neipp, Cristian; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessFernandez_Polymers-09-00278_2017.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2017Modeling Diffractive Lenses Recording in Environmentally Friendly PhotopolymerFernandez, Roberto; Navarro-Fuster, Víctor; Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Gallego, Sergi; Márquez, Andrés; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto