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Open access2016_Ingles_etal_FrontPsychol.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2016Profiles of Perfectionism and School Anxiety: A Review of the 2 × 2 Model of Dispositional Perfectionism in Child PopulationInglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Vicent, María; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo
Open access2013_Ingles_etal_Adicciones.pdf.jpg2013Uso de alcohol y tabaco y variables cognitivo-motivacionales en el ámbito escolar: efectos sobre el rendimiento académico en adolescentes españolesInglés, Cándido J.; Torregrosa, María S.; Rodríguez-Marín, Jesús; García del Castillo Rodríguez, José Antonio; Gázquez, José J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Delgado, Beatriz
Restricted access2017_Orenes_etal_ChildPsychiatryHumDev_final.pdf.jpgJun-2017Spanish Validation of the Separation Anxiety Assessment ScaleOrenes, Aurora; Méndez, Xavier; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2018_Gonzalvez_etal_PsychiatryRes_final.pdf.jpgNov-2018Functional profiles of school refusal behavior and their relationship with depression, anxiety, and stressGonzálvez, Carolina; Kearney, Christopher A.; Jiménez-Ayala, Carlos E.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; Inglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2018_Diaz-Herrero_etal_MotivEmotion_final.pdf.jpgDec-2018Profiles of emotional intelligence and demotivation to attend school in Chilean adolescentsDíaz Herrero, Ángela; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; Lagos San Martín, Nelly; Inglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2018_Sanmartin_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2018Positive and negative affect as predictors of social functioning in Spanish childrenSanmartín, Ricardo; Inglés, Cándido J.; Vicent, María; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Díaz Herrero, Ángela; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2018_Fernandez-Sogorb_etal_IJCHP.pdf.jpgSep-2018Validation of the Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety-Revised and school refusal across anxiety profilesFernández-Sogorb, Aitana; Inglés, Cándido J.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Vicent, María; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2015_Ingles_etal_AnalesPsicologia.pdf.jpgMay-2015Motivational profiles Spanish students of Compulsory Secondary Education: Differential analysis of academic self-attributionsInglés, Cándido J.; Martínez-Monteagudo, Mari Carmen; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Valle, Antonio; Núñez, José C.; Delgado, Beatriz; Torregrosa, María S.
Open access2015_Hugon_etal_Psychologica-Belgica.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2015Reliability and Validity Evidence of Scores on the French Version of the Questionnaire about Interpersonal Difficulties for AdolescentsHugon, Mandarine; Delgado, Beatriz; Inglés, Cándido J.; Hidalgo, María D.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Martínez-Monteagudo, Mari Carmen
Restricted access2015_Ingles_etal_MECD_final.pdf.jpgOct-2015School Anxiety Inventory–Short Version: Factorial Invariance and Latent Mean Differences Across Gender and Age in Spanish AdolescentsInglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Marzo, Juan C.; Martínez-Monteagudo, Mari Carmen; Estévez, Estefanía