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Open access2018_Lagos_etal_Psicologia-desde-el-Caribe.pdf.jpg2018Diferencias en ansiedad escolar en función del sexo y el curso académico en una muestra de estudiantes chilenos de educación básicaLagos San Martín, Nelly; Vicent, María; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2019_Gonzalvez_etal_EurJEducPsychol.pdf.jpgJun-2019Relationship between school refusal behavior and social functioning: a cluster analysis approachGonzálvez, Carolina; Inglés, Cándido J.; Kearney, Christopher A.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2018_Diaz-Herrero_etal_MotivEmotion_final.pdf.jpgDec-2018Profiles of emotional intelligence and demotivation to attend school in Chilean adolescentsDíaz Herrero, Ángela; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; Lagos San Martín, Nelly; Inglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2018_Gonzalvez_etal_SchoolMentalHealth_final.pdf.jpgDec-2018Youth Life Orientation Test-Spanish Version: Factorial Invariance, Latent Mean Differences and Effects on School RefusalGonzálvez, Carolina; Inglés, Cándido J.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; Gisbert, Belén; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2019_Vicent_etal_SpanJPsychology_final.pdf.jpg31-May-2019Self-criticism, Strivings and Aggressive Behavior in Spanish Children: The Two Sides of Self-Oriented PerfectionismVicent, María; Inglés, Cándido J.; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Aparicio Flores, Pilar; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2019_Vicent_etal_SchoolPsychInt_final.pdf.jpg2019Perfectionism and school anxiety: More evidence about the 2 × 2 model of perfectionism in an Ecuadorian populationVicent, María; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Fernández-Sogorb, Aitana; Cargua García, Nancy Isabel; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Restricted access2018_Gonzalvez_etal_PsychiatryRes_final.pdf.jpgNov-2018Functional profiles of school refusal behavior and their relationship with depression, anxiety, and stressGonzálvez, Carolina; Kearney, Christopher A.; Jiménez-Ayala, Carlos E.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; Inglés, Cándido J.; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2018_Sanmartin_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2018Positive and negative affect as predictors of social functioning in Spanish childrenSanmartín, Ricardo; Inglés, Cándido J.; Vicent, María; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Díaz Herrero, Ángela; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2019_Vicent_etal_BrainSci.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2019Spanish Validation of the Child and Adolescent Perfectionism Scale: Factorial Invariance and Latent Means Differences across Sex and AgeVicent, María; Inglés, Cándido J.; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Delgado, Beatriz; García-Fernández, José Manuel
Open access2019_Gonzalvez_etal_FrontPsychol.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2019Child and Adolescent Social Adaptive Functioning Scale: Factorial Invariance, Latent Mean Differences, and Its Impact on School Refusal Behavior in Spanish ChildrenGonzálvez, Carolina; Inglés, Cándido J.; Martínez Palau, Ainhoa; Sanmartín, Ricardo; Vicent, María; García-Fernández, José Manuel