INV - REMAN - Artículos de Revistas

Los resultados de los distintos trabajos desarrollados por nuestros investigadores son publicados en las principales revistas nacionales e internacionales específicas de nuestros diferentes campos de aplicación.

En los últimos años se ha incrementado el número de trabajos publicados en las revistas más relevantes, destacando entre éstas: Environmental Science and Technology, Chemosphere y Carbon.

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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessSantos_etal_2024_Water.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2024Life Cycle Assessment of a Vegetable Tannin-Based Agent Production for Waters TreatmentSantos, Lucas de Lima Casseres dos; Silva, Jean Bruno Melo; Neves, Luisa Soares, et al
Open accessRenato_etal_2024_Energies.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2024Replacing Natural Gas with Biomethane from Sewage Treatment: Optimizing the Potential in São Paulo State, BrazilRenato, Natalia dos Santos; Oliveira, Augusto Cesar Laviola de; Ervilha, Amanda Martins Teixeira, et al
Open accessTobarra_etal_2024_AtmospherEnviron.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2023Impact of the COVID-19 lockdown to a port-city area: A two-year comparative PMF analysis of PM10 of polluting sourcesTobarra, Daniel; Yubero Funes, Eduardo; Clemente, Álvaro, et al
Open accessVaz_etal_2023_FrontEnvironSci.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2023A mini review on phytoremediation of fluoride-contaminated waters: a bibliometric analysisVaz, Lucas Rafael Lommez; Conesa, Juan A.; Borges, Alisson Carraro
Open accessCastro_etal_2023_IntJBiolMacromol.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2023Thermoplastic starch/polyvinyl alcohol blends modification by citric acid–glycerol polyestersCastro, Jennifer M.; Montalbán, Mercedes G.; Martínez-Pérez, Noelia, et al
Open accessFont_etal_2023_ApplSci.pdf.jpg21-May-2023Study of the Briquetting Process of Walnut Shells for Pyrolysis and CombustionFont, Rafael; Villar, Estefanía; Garrido, María A., et al
Open accessNunez_etal_2023_ResourConservRecycl.pdf.jpg9-May-2023Decontamination of recycled LDPE using different washing methodsNuñez, Samuel S.; Conesa, Juan A.; Moltó Berenguer, Julia, et al
EmbargoedYao_etal_2023_ProgrEnergyCombustSci_final.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2023Thermochemical conversion of waste printed circuit boards: Thermal behavior, reaction kinetics, pollutant evolution and corresponding controlling strategiesYao, Zhitong; Reinmöller, Markus; Ortuño García, Nuria, et al
Open accessCastro_etal_2023_Polymers.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2023Study of the Plasticization Effect of 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate in TPS/PVA Biodegradable Blends Produced by Melt-MixingCastro, Jennifer M.; Montalbán, Mercedes G.; Domene-López, Daniel, et al
Open accessConesa_etal_2023_Polymers.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2023Debromination of Waste Circuit Boards by Reaction in Solid and Liquid Phases: Phenomenological Behavior and KineticsConesa, Juan A.; Gandon-Ros, Gerard; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca, et al
Open accessConesa_Tomas_2022_Sci.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2022Production of Acoustic Insulating Materials from Viscoelastic Mattress WasteConesa, Juan A.; Tomás, Eugenio
Restricted accessFernandez-Jover_etal_2007_JExperimMarBiolEcol_final.pdf.jpgJan-2007Addition of dissolved nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon from wild fish faeces and food around Mediterranean fish farms: Implications for waste-dispersal modelsFernandez-Jover, Damian; Sanchez-Jerez, Pablo; Bayle-Sempere, Just T., et al
Open accessBerkane_etal_2023_ResourcesConservatRecycling.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2022The delamination of metalized multilayer flexible packaging using a microperforation techniqueBerkane, Imene; Cabanes, Andrea; Horodytska, Oksana, et al
Open accessRodriguez-Pastor_etal_2022_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2022Effective Method for a Graphene Oxide with Impressive Selectivity in Carboxyl GroupsRodríguez Pastor, Iluminada; López-Pérez, Adelia; Romero Sánchez, María Dolores, et al
Open accessConesa_2022_Microplastics.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2022Adsorption of PAHs and PCDD/Fs in Microplastics: A ReviewConesa, Juan A.
Open accessGandon-Ros_etal_2022_ACSOmega.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2022Debromination and Reusable Glass Fiber Recovery from Large Waste Circuit Board Pieces in Subcritical Water TreatmentGandon-Ros, Gerard; Aracil, Ignacio; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca, et al
Open accessGandon-Ros_etal_2022_JEnvironManag.pdf.jpg29-May-2022Mechanochemical debromination of waste printed circuit boards with marble sludge in a planetary ball milling processGandon-Ros, Gerard; Aracil, Ignacio; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca, et al
Open accessQuiroga_etal_2022_WasteManag.pdf.jpg24-May-2022Integration of steam gasification and catalytic reforming of lignocellulosic biomass as a strategy to improve syngas quality and pollutants removalQuiroga, Eliana; Cifuentes, Bernay; Moltó Berenguer, Julia, et al
Open accessConesa_Ortuno_2022_Energies.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2022Reuse of Water Contaminated by Microplastics, the Effectiveness of Filtration Processes: A ReviewConesa, Juan A.; Ortuño García, Nuria
Open accessNunez_etal_2022_WasteManag.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2022Heavy metals, PAHs and POPs in recycled polyethylene samples of agricultural, post-commercial, post-industrial and post-consumer originNuñez, Samuel S.; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Conesa, Juan A., et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 185