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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessarticulo residuos electronicos.pdf.jpgJan-2009Pyrolysis and combustion of electronic wastesMoltó Berenguer, Julia; Font, Rafael; Gálvez Moreno, Araceli; Conesa, Juan A.
Open accessarticulo comparacion residuos.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2008Comparison between emissions from the pyrolysis and combustion of different wastesConesa, Juan A.; Font, Rafael; Fullana, Andres; Martin-Gullon, Ignacio; Aracil, Ignacio; Gálvez Moreno, Araceli; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca
Open accessarticulo cinetica pinos.pdf.jpgMay-2009Kinetics of pyrolysis and combustion of pine needles and conesFont, Rafael; Conesa, Juan A.; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Muñoz Fernández, María
Restricted accessSolid Recovered Fuel (SRF) EMISSIONS_EST.pdf.jpg31-May-2011Pollutant formation and emissions from cement kiln stack using a solid recovered fuel from municipal solid wasteConesa, Juan A.; Rey Martínez, Lorena; Egea Ruiz, Silvia; Rey Martínez, María Dolores
Restricted accessBIOMASSES KINETIC DECOMPOSITION.pdf.jpg26-May-2011Biomasses pyrolysis and combustion kinetics through n-th order parallel reactionsConesa, Juan A.; Domene, Antonio
Restricted accessCobo_etal_Washcoated_final.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2012Washcoated Pd/Al2O3 monoliths for the liquid phase hydrodechlorination of dioxinsCobo, Martha; Orrego, Andrés; Conesa, Juan A.
Restricted accessarticulo_4.pdf.jpgJun-2006Thermogravimetric analysis during the decomposition of cotton fabrics in an inert and air environmentMoltó Berenguer, Julia; Font, Rafael; Conesa, Juan A.; Martin-Gullon, Ignacio
Restricted accessarticulo_3.pdf.jpgAug-2005Semivolatile and volatile compounds from the pyrolysis and combustion of polyvinyl chlorideAracil, Ignacio; Font, Rafael; Conesa, Juan A.
Restricted accesscinetica poliester.pdf.jpgMay-2007Kinetic model of the decomposition of a PET fibre cloth in an inert and air environmentMoltó Berenguer, Julia; Font, Rafael; Conesa, Juan A.
Restricted access108_PVC and halogen free electric.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2010Polyvinyl chloride and halogen-free electric wires thermal decompositionConesa, Juan A.; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Font, Rafael; Egea Ruiz, Silvia