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Open accessDel-Moral_etal_2020_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2020The Effect of Different Oxygen Surface Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes on the Electrical Resistivity and Strain Sensing Function of Cement PastesMoral Delgado, Beatriz del; Martin-Gullon, Ignacio; Navarro Martínez, Rosa María; Galao Malo, Oscar; Baeza, F. Javier; Zornoza, Emilio; Calderón Roca, Blanca; Rodríguez Pastor, Iluminada; Arnaiz Arnaiz, Noelia; Romero Sánchez, María Dolores; Garcés, Pedro
Open accessMolto_etal_2020_Chemosphere_final.pdf.jpgOct-2020Pollutant emissions during the pyrolysis and combustion of starch/poly(vinyl alcohol) biodegradable filmsMoltó Berenguer, Julia; López-Sánchez, B.; Domene-López, Daniel; Moreno, A.I.; Font, Rafael; Montalbán, Mercedes G.
Open accessGandon-Ros_etal_2021_Polymers.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2021A Win–Win Combination to Inhibit Persistent Organic Pollutant Formation via the Co-Incineration of Polyvinyl Chloride E-Waste and Sewage SludgeGandon-Ros, Gerard; Nuñez, Samuel S.; Ortuño García, Nuria; Aracil, Ignacio; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca; Conesa, Juan A.
Open accessConesa_etal_2023_Polymers.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2023Debromination of Waste Circuit Boards by Reaction in Solid and Liquid Phases: Phenomenological Behavior and KineticsConesa, Juan A.; Gandon-Ros, Gerard; Gómez-Rico, María Francisca; Aracil, Ignacio
Open accessRodriguez-Pastor_etal_2022_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2022Effective Method for a Graphene Oxide with Impressive Selectivity in Carboxyl GroupsRodríguez Pastor, Iluminada; López-Pérez, Adelia; Romero Sánchez, María Dolores; Pérez, Juana M.; Fernández, Ignacio; Martin-Gullon, Ignacio
Open accessConesa_Tomas_2022_Sci.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2022Production of Acoustic Insulating Materials from Viscoelastic Mattress WasteConesa, Juan A.; Tomás, Eugenio
Open accessDiaz-Basantes_etal_2022_FoodChem.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2022Presence of microplastics in commercial canned tunaDiaz-Basantes, Milene F.; Nacimba-Aguirre, David; Conesa, Juan A.; Fullana, Andres
Open accessConesa_2021_Sustainability.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2021Sewage Sludge as Inhibitor of the Formation of Persistent Organic Pollutants during IncinerationConesa, Juan A.
Open accessNunez_etal_2022_WasteManag.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2022Heavy metals, PAHs and POPs in recycled polyethylene samples of agricultural, post-commercial, post-industrial and post-consumer originNuñez, Samuel S.; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Conesa, Juan A.; Fullana, Andres
Open accessQuiroga_etal_2022_WasteManag.pdf.jpg24-May-2022Integration of steam gasification and catalytic reforming of lignocellulosic biomass as a strategy to improve syngas quality and pollutants removalQuiroga, Eliana; Cifuentes, Bernay; Moltó Berenguer, Julia; Ortuño García, Nuria; Conesa, Juan A.; Davó-Quiñonero, Arantxa; Cobo, Martha