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Open accessLuo_etal_2022_JSTARS.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2022Assessment of the Contribution of Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry on Sentinel-1 DataLuo, Jiayin; Lopez-Sanchez, Juan M.; De Zan, Francesco, et al
Open accessOrtiz-Hernandez_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2022Soil Liquefaction and Other Seismic-Associated Phenomena in the City of Chone during the 2016 Earthquake of Coastal EcuadorOrtiz-Hernández, Eduardo; Chunga, Kervin; Toulkeridis, Theofilos, et al
Open accessHu_etal_2022_RemoteSensingEnviron.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2022Analysis of regional large-gradient land subsidence in the Alto Guadalentín Basin (Spain) using open-access aerial LiDAR datasetsHu, Liuru; Navarro-Hernández, María Inés; Liu, Xiaojie, et al
Restricted accessYin_etal_2022_SciChinaTechnolSci_final.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2022Multi-dimensional and long-term time series monitoring and early warning of landslide hazard with improved cross-platform SAR offset tracking methodYin, Yueping; Liu, Xiaojie; Zhao, Chaoying, et al
Open accessTomas-Jover_2022_RevObrasPublicas.pdf.jpg2022Aplicaciones de la interferometría radar de satélite en ingeniería civilTomás, Roberto
Open accessPoncela_etal_2022_JHydrology.pdf.jpg28-May-2022Hydrogeological characterization of heterogeneous volcanic aquifers in the Canary Islands using recession analysis of deep water gallery dischargePoncela, Roberto; Santamarta Cerezal, Juan Carlos; García-Gil, Alejandro, et al
Open accessBoni_etal_2022_Land.pdf.jpg14-May-2022Stakeholders’ Perspective on Groundwater Management in Four Water-Stressed Mediterranean Areas: Priorities and ChallengesBonì, Roberta; Teatini, Pietro; Zoccarato, Claudia, et al
Open accessNavarro-Hernandez_etal_2022_IEEE-JSTARS.pdf.jpg3-May-2022ValInSAR: A Systematic Approach for the Validation of Differential SAR Interferometry in Land Subsidence AreasNavarro-Hernández, María Inés; Valdes-Abellan, Javier; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open accessRabat_etal_2022_BullEngGeolEnviron.pdf.jpg5-May-2022Influence of water content on the basic friction angle of porous limestones—experimental study using an automated tilting tableRabat, Álvaro; Tomás, Roberto; Cano, Miguel, et al
Open accessOrtiz-Hernandez_etal_2022_Land.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2022Assessing Susceptibility to Soil Liquefaction Using the Standard Penetration Test (SPT)—A Case Study from the City of Portoviejo, Coastal EcuadorOrtiz-Hernández, Eduardo; Chunga, Kervin; Pastor Navarro, José Luis, et al
Open accessRiquelme_etal_2022_EngGeol.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2022Control of natural fractures in historical quarries via 3D point cloud analysisRiquelme, Adrián; Martínez Martínez, Javier; Martin-Rojas, Ivan, et al
Open accessChabour_etal_2022_CleanTechnEnvironPolicy.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2022Economic assessment of converting a pressurised water distribution network into an off-grid system supplied with solar photovoltaic energyChabour, Houssem Eddine; Pardo Picazo, Miguel Ángel; Riquelme, Adrián
Open accessCano_etal_2022_RemoteSens.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2022A New Methodology for Bridge Inspections in Linear Infrastructures from Optical Images and HD Videos Obtained by UAVCano, Miguel; Pastor Navarro, José Luis; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open accessLuo_etal_2022_EngGeol_final.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2021Influence of permeability on the stability of dual-structure landslide with different deposit-bedding interface morphology: The case of the three Gorges Reservoir area, ChinaLuo, Shi-lin; Huang, Da; Peng, Jian-bing, et al
EmbargoedConesa-Garcia_etal_2021_Geomorphology_accepted.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2021Changes in stream power and morphological adjustments at the event-scale and high spatial resolution along an ephemeral gravel-bed channelConesa García, Carmelo; Puig-Mengual, Carlos; Riquelme, Adrián, et al
Open accessLiu_etal_2021_RemoteSensEnviron_final.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2021Three-dimensional and long-term landslide displacement estimation by fusing C- and L-band SAR observations: A case study in Gongjue County, Tibet, ChinaLiu, Xiaojie; Zhao, Chaoying; Zhang, Qin, et al
Open accessGarrido_etal_2022_RockMechRockEng.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2021Predicting the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of a Limestone Exposed to High Temperatures by Point Load and Leeb Rebound Hardness TestingGarrido, M. Elvira; Petnga, Ferry B.; Martínez-Ibáñez, Víctor, et al
Open accessReyes-Carmona_etal_2021_Landslides_final.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2021Rapid characterisation of the extremely large landslide threatening the Rules Reservoir (Southern Spain)Reyes-Carmona, Cristina; Galve, Jorge Pedro; Moreno-Sánchez, Marcos, et al
Open accessRiquelme_etal_2021_IOPConfSerEarthEnviron.pdf.jpg2021Extraction of discontinuity sets of rocky slopes using iPhone-12 derived 3DPC and comparison to TLS and SfM datasetsRiquelme, Adrián; Tomás, Roberto; Cano, Miguel, et al
Open accessMartinez-Ibanez_etal_2021_IOPConfSerEarthEnviron_012053.pdf.jpg2021Variation of Drilling Rate Index (DRI) with temperature and its relationship with thermal damage on 'Prada' limestoneMartínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Basco, Aniello; Garrido, M. Elvira, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 238