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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accesstesis_andrea_campos_candela.pdf.jpg2019Linking individual behaviour and life history: bioenergetic mechanisms, eco-evolutionary outcomes and management implicationsCampos-Candela, Andrea
Open accesstesis_elena_martinez_garcia.pdf.jpg2017Ecological Effects of Aquaculture on Polychaete Assemblages Associated to Soft SedimentsMartinez-Garcia, Elena
Open accesstesis_jose_martinez_garrido.pdf.jpg2017Sistemática, procesos de especiación, estrategias reproductivas y estructura genética en RuppiaMartínez-Garrido, Jose
Open accesstesis_victoria_fernandez_gonzalez.pdf.jpg2017Fouling amphipods on marine aquaculture facilities: ecological interactions and potential applications and potential applicationsFernandez-Gonzalez, Victoria
Open accessthesis_almudena_aranda_martinez.pdf.jpg2016Effect of chitosan on fungal physiology: role of Pochonia chlamydosporia chitosanases and chitin deacetylases in nematode parasitism and bioethanol productionAranda-Martínez, Almudena
Open accesstesis_johari_bin_jalinas.pdf.jpg2016Evaluating Beauveria bassiana on Red Palm Weevil Field Management and Behaviour with Acoustics and GISJalinas, Johari
Open accesstesis_lopez_moya.pdf.jpg2016Molecular mechanisms of growth and development inhibition in fungi and plants by chitosanLopez-Moya, Federico
Open accessthesis_izquierdo_gomez.pdf.jpg2016Interacciones entre el cultivo de peces en jaulas en mar abierto y la pesca artesanalIzquierdo-Gómez, David
Open accesstesis_garrote_moreno.pdf.jpg2016Respuestas iónicas y fisiológicas ante cambios de salinidad en angiospermas marinasGarrote-Moreno, Aurora
Open accesstesis_esther_rubio_portillo.pdf.jpg2015Impact of environmental changes on Oculina patagonica coral holobiontRubio-Portillo, Esther
Open accessthesis_escudero_benito.pdf.jpg2015Rhizomodulation for tomato growth promotion and management of root knot nematodes using Pochonia chlamydosporia and chitosanEscudero Benito, Nuria
Open accesstesis_candela_marco_mendez.pdf.jpg2015Factors Driving Herbivores Consumption and Feeding Preferences across Different Macrophytes EcosystemsMarco-Méndez, Candela
Open accesstesis_gregori_casamayor.pdf.jpg2014Symbionts in Mesozooplankton Communities from NE Atlantic Ocean: Ecology and Recruitment of Parasites to the Marine Trophic WebGregori Casamayor, Maria Dolors
Open accesstesis_ferrero_vicente.pdf.jpg2014Distribution and ecology of soft-bottom Sipuncula from the western Mediterranean SeaFerrero-Vicente, Luis Miguel
Open accesstesis_kamal_Elsayed.pdf.jpg2014Evaluation of some management measures for trawling fishery of the western MediterraneanSamy-Kamal, Mohammed
Open accesstesis_concepcion_martinez_gomez.pdf.jpg2013Sublethal effects of chemical pollution in benthic fish species from marine Spanish watersMartínez Gómez, Concepción
Open accesstesis_jose_miguel-sandoval .pdf.jpg2012Respuestas ecofisiológicas de angiospermas marinas mediterráneas (Posidonia oceanica y Cymodocea nodosa) frente a condiciones de estrés hipersalinoSandoval Gil, José Miguel
Open accessTesis_de_la_Ossa.pdf.jpg2011Assessing sewage disposals in soft-bottom habitatsde-la-Ossa-Carretero, Jose Antonio
Open accessTesis_Ruso.pdf.jpg2011Impactos sobre los poblamientos de poliquetos de fondos blandosDel-Pilar-Ruso, Yoana
Open accessTesis_Vazquez.pdf.jpg2011Ecological effects of Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea on amphipod assemblages (Amphipoda, Crustacea) associated with shallow water habitats in the Mediterranean seaVázquez Luis, María Teresa
Open accessmaster_Luna.pdf.jpg2010Anthropic impacts in Mediterranean Marine Protected AreasLuna i Pérez, Beatriz
Open accessTesis_celia.pdf.jpg2009Selección de indicadores para la evaluación de las Áreas Marinas ProtegidasOjeda Martínez, Celia
Open accessGoñi-Beltran-de-Garizurieta-Raquel.pdf.jpg2005Biology, ecology fisheries and effects of protection on the spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787) in the Western MediterraneanGoñi Beltrán de Garizurieta, Raquel
Results 1-23 of 23.
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