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Open access2013_Gultekin,_DeJuan_Espinosa_.pdf.jpgJan-2013Location orientation of organic stores in low demand areas: a case study of a niche marketGültekin, Beyza; De-Juan-Vigaray, María D.; Espinosa Seguí, Ana
Open access2013_Martinez_etal_EmpirSoftwareEng-pre.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2013Empirical study on the maintainability of Web applications: Model-driven Engineering vs Code-centricMartínez Espinosa, Yulkeidi; Cachero, Cristina; Meliá, Santiago
Restricted access2014_Martinez_Merina_JPSM_final.pdf.jpgDec-2014Offshoring in the Spanish footwear industry: A return journey?Martínez Mora, Carmen; Merino, Fernando
Open access2013_Martinez_etal_IST.pdf.jpgFeb-2013MDD vs. traditional software development: a practitioner’s subjective perspectiveMartínez Espinosa, Yulkeidi; Cachero, Cristina; Meliá, Santiago
Open access2015_De-Juan_Garau_Tourism-Analysis.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2015Exploring the Shopping Motivations of International Residential TouristsDe-Juan-Vigaray, María D.; Garau Vadell, Joan B.
Open access2013_De-Juan_etal_TourManag_final.pdf.jpgJun-2013The acculturation of international residential tourists and their shopping behavioursDe-Juan-Vigaray, María D.; Sarabia Sánchez, Francisco J.; Garau Vadell, Joan B.
Open access2013_Fuster_Martinez_EEA.pdf.jpg2013Offshoring of services in Spain: international fragmentation of activities or change in procurement sources?Fuster, Begoña; Martínez Mora, Carmen
Restricted access2017_Garau_De-Juan_TourEcon_final.pdf.jpg2017International residential tourist shopping styles: A study of British and German citizens in SpainGarau Vadell, Joan B.; De-Juan-Vigaray, María D.
Open access2019_De-Juan_Espinosa_SocSci.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2019Retailing, Consumers, and Territory: Trends of an Incipient Circular ModelDe-Juan-Vigaray, María D.; Espinosa Seguí, Ana
Restricted access2019_De-Juan_Hota_IntJRetailDistribManag_final.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2019Children as actors of tomorrow’s hypermarket experienceDe-Juan-Vigaray, María D.; Hota, Monali