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Open accessGarcia-Arias_etal_2022_Lithos.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2022Generation of magmatism under active continental margins: A thermodynamic study of subduction and translithospheric diapirsGarcía-Arias, Marcos; Pineda-Rodríguez, Nathalia Andrea; Blanco-Quintero, Idael Francisco, et al
Open accessFernandez-Cortes_etal_2022_Geosciences.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2022Unraveling the Drivers Controlling the Transient and Seasonal CO2 Dynamic in a Shallow Temperate CaveFernández Cortés, Ángel; Martin-Pozas, Tamara; Cuezva Robleño, Soledad, et al
Open accessBenavente_etal_2022_Geosciences.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2022Air Quality Monitoring for Preventive Conservation of the Built Heritage Deteriorated by Salt CrystallizationBenavente, David; Pla, Concepción; Gil-Oncina, Sara, et al
Open accessCanaveras_etal_2022_Geosciences.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2022Deterioration Processes on Prehistoric Rock Art Induced by Mining Activity (Arenaza Cave, N Spain)Cañaveras, Juan C.; Muñoz Cervera, María Concepción; Sánchez Moral, Sergio
Open accessBriestensky_etal_2022_JCaveKarstStud.pdf.jpgJun-2022Radon in dead-end caves in EuropeBriestenský, Miloš; Ambrosino, Fabrizio; Smetanová, Iveta, et al
Open accessJurado_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2022Holistic Approach to the Restoration of a Vandalized Monument: The Cross of the Inquisition, Seville City Hall, SpainJurado Lobo, Valme; Cañaveras, Juan C.; Gomez-Bolea, Antonio, et al
Open accessCanaveras_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg25-May-2022Weathering Processes on Sandstone Painting and Carving Surfaces at Prehistoric Rock Sites in Southern SpainCañaveras, Juan C.; Sanz-Rubio, Enrique; Sánchez Moral, Sergio
Open accessBoni_etal_2022_Land.pdf.jpg14-May-2022Stakeholders’ Perspective on Groundwater Management in Four Water-Stressed Mediterranean Areas: Priorities and ChallengesBonì, Roberta; Teatini, Pietro; Zoccarato, Claudia, et al
Open accessBenavente_etal_2022_JCultHeritage.pdf.jpg2-May-2022Estimation of uniaxial compressive strength and intrinsic permeability from ultrasounds in sedimentary stones used as heritage building materialsBenavente, David; Martínez Martínez, Javier; Galiana-Merino, Juan José, et al
Open accessAvellaneda-Jimenez_etal_2022_GeoscienceFrontiers.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2022Metamorphic gradient modification in the Early Cretaceous Northern Andes subduction zone: A record from thermally overprinted high-pressure rocksAvellaneda-Jiménez, David Santiago; Cardona, Agustín; Valencia, Victor, et al
Open accessMartin-Pozas_etal_2022_SciTotEnv.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2022Role of subterranean microbiota in the carbon cycle and greenhouse gas dynamicsMartin-Pozas, Tamara; Cuezva Robleño, Soledad; Fernández Cortés, Ángel, et al
Open accessRasilla-Vives_etal_2022_Entemu.pdf.jpg2022El agua, la cueva de El Sidrón (Piloña, Asturias, España) y la especie neandertalRasilla, Marco de la; Rosas González, Antonio; Cañaveras, Juan C., et al
Open accessGil-Oncina_etal_2022_FrontPublicHealth.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2022Estimation of the Radon Risk Under Different European Climates and Soil TexturesGil-Oncina, Sara; Valdes-Abellan, Javier; Pla, Concepción, et al
Open accessMunoz-Cervera_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2022Aesthetic Quality Properties of Carbonate Breccias Associated with Textural and Compositional Factors: Marrón Emperador Ornamental Stone (Upper Cretaceous, Southeast Spain)Muñoz Cervera, María Concepción; Rodríguez García, Miguel Ángel; Cañaveras, Juan C.
Open accessMartin-Martin_etal_2022_Geosphere.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2022The Cenozoic evolution of the Intrarif (Rif, Morocco)Martín-Martín, Manuel; Guerrera, Francesco; Maaté, Ali, et al
Restricted accessKiani_etal_2022_EnvironEarthSci_final.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2022Investigating the geological and geomechanical characteristics governing the weathering behavior of Meymand tuffKiani, Mojtaba; Hashemi, Morteza; Ajalloeian, Rasoul, et al
Open accessBaeza-Carratala_etal_2021_EstGeol.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2021Coupling of trace elements in brachiopod shells and biotic signals from the Lower Jurassic South-Iberian Palaeomargin (SE Spain): Implications for the environmental perturbations around the early Toarcian Mass Extinction EventBaeza Carratalá, José Francisco; Reolid, Matías; Giannetti, Alice, et al
Open accessVazquez_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg24-Dec-2021Mineralogical Transformations in Granitoids during Heating at Fire-Related TemperaturesVázquez, Patricia; Benavente, David; Montiel, David, et al
Restricted accessVillares_etal_2022_GondwanaRes_final.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2021Petrogenesis of the Tampanchi Ultramafic–Mafic Complex (Ecuador): Geodynamic implications for the northwestern margin of South America during the late CretaceousVillares, Fabián; Blanco-Quintero, Idael Francisco; Reyes, Pedro S., et al
Restricted accessCardenas-Parraga_etal_2021_AmerJSci_final.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2021A highly dynamic hot hydrothermal system in the subduction environment: Geochemistry and geochronology of jadeitite and associated rocks of the Sierra del Convento mélange (eastern Cuba)Cárdenas-Párraga, Juan; Garcia-Casco, Antonio; Blanco-Quintero, Idael Francisco, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 170