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Restricted accessMilla-Barrios_etal_2022_SeminarsOphthalmology_final.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2022Fixation Pattern Analysis With Microperimetry In Strabismic Subjects: A Pilot StudyMilla-Barrios, Myriam; Piñero, David P.; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa
Restricted accessGil-Casas_etal_2022_ClinExperimOptometry_final.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2021Are near visual signs and symptoms in multiple sclerosis compatible with convergence insufficiency?Gil-Casas, Amparo; Piñero, David P.; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa
Open accessRojas-Vinuela_etal_2022_ContactLensAnterEye.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2022Comparing sagittal heights calculated using corneal parameters and those measured with profilometryRojas Viñuela, Javier; Piñero, David P.; Burgos Martínez, Mercedes
Restricted accessTognetto_etal_2022_GraefesArchClinExpOphthalmol_final.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2022Profile of a new extended range-of-vision IOL. Comments on the laboratory study by Tognetto et al. ReplyTognetto, Daniele; Giglio, Rosa; Piñero, David P., et al
Open accessGil-Casas_etal_2022_BrainSci.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2022Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) and King-Devick (K-D) Performance in Multiple SclerosisGil-Casas, Amparo; Piñero, David P.; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa
Open accessGonzalez-Meijome_etal_2022_JOptometry.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2021Upcoming Special Issue: “Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and E-health in Vision Research and Clinical Activity”González-Méijome, José M.; Piñero, David P.; Villa-Collar, César
Open accessBamdad_etal_2022_JOptometry.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2020Agreement of wavefront-based refraction, dry and cycloplegic autorefraction with subjective refractionBamdad, Shahram; Momeni-Moghaddam, Hamed; Abdolahian, Milad, et al
Open accessMilla_etal_2022_Children.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2022Long-Term Efficacy of the Combination of Active Vision Therapy and Occlusion in Children Strabismic and Anisometropic AmblyopiaMilla Baños, Myriam; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa; Piñero, David P.
Open accessNieto-Bona_etal_2022_IntJOphthalmol.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2022Short and long term corneal biomechanical analysis after overnight orthokeratologyNieto-Bona, Amelia; Porras-Ángel, Paloma; Ayllón-Gordillo, Adela Elena, et al
Restricted accessAlmario_Pinero_2022_SeminOphthalmol_final.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2021Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease in Ocular Motility and Visual Perception: A Narrative ReviewAlmario, Gemma; Piñero, David P.
Open accessAbdal_etal_2022_BrainSci.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2022Evaluation of the Efficacy of a New Dichoptic Digital Platform to Treat the Anisometropic and Isometropic AmblyopiaAbdal, Md Oliullah; Bhombal, Faiza; Nankani, Gul J., et al
Open accessPinero_etal_2022_JOptometry.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2022Peer-reviewed process: is everything valid?Piñero, David P.
Open accessVilla_etal_2022_JClinMed.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2022Optical Impact of Corneal Clearance in Healthy Eyes Fitted with Scleral Contact Lenses: A Pilot StudyVilla, María; Cavas Martínez, Francisco; Piñero, David P.
Open accessLeal-Vega_etal_2022_BMCOphthalmol.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2022Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of the NEIVATECH virtual reality system to improve visual function in children with anisometropic amblyopiaLeal-Vega, Luis; Piñero, David P.; Hernández Rodríguez, Carlos Javier, et al
Open accessMiret_etal_2022_SciRep.pdf.jpg23-May-2022Analysis and comparison of monofocal, extended depth of focus and trifocal intraocular lens profilesMiret, Juan Jose; Camps, Vicente J.; García Llopis, Celia, et al
Open accessMartinez-Plaza_etal_2022_ApplSci.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2022Agreement of Tear Break-Up Time and Meniscus Height between Medmont E300 and Visionix VX120+Martínez-Plaza, Elena; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa; Piñero, David P.
Open accessMartinez-Plaza_etal_2022_Diagnostics.pdf.jpg7-May-2022Characterization of Dysfunctional Lens Index and Opacity Grade in a Healthy PopulationMartínez-Plaza, Elena; Ruiz Fortes, Pedro; Soto-Negro, Roberto, et al
Open accessSoler_etal_2022_IntEyeRes.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2022Characterization of working and mobile phone usage distances in common users of electronic devices and computersSoler, Fernando; Sánchez-García, Alicia; Molina-Martín, Ainhoa, et al
Open accessMartinez-de-la-Casa_etal_2022_EyeandVision.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2022Intense pulsed light-based treatment for the improvement of symptoms in glaucoma patients treated with hypotensive eye dropsMartinez-de-la-Casa, Jose Maria; Oribio-Quinto, Carlos; Milans-del-Bosch, Almudena, et al
Restricted accessFernandez_etal_2022_IntOphthalmol_final.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2022Influence of the invariant refraction assumption in studies of formulas for monofocal and multifocal intraocular lens power calculationFernández, Joaquín; Rodríguez-Vallejo, Manuel; Martínez, Javier, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 320