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Open accessJoPha_3_3_03.pdf.jpgSep-2009A hybrid agent-based classification mechanism to detect denial of service attacksPinzón Trejos, Cristian Iván; Paz Santana, Juan Francisco de; Rodríguez González, Sara; Bajo Pérez, Javier; Corchado Rodríguez, Juan Manuel
Open accessJoPha_3_3_05.pdf.jpgSep-2009A formal approach to test commercial strategies: comparative study using multiagent-based techniquesCastillo Ossa, Luis Fernando; González Bedia, Manuel; Uribe Hurtado, Ana Lorena; Isaza, Gustavo
Open accessJoPha_3_3_07.pdf.jpgSep-2009Guidelines to apply CBR in real-time multi-agent systemsNavarro Llácer, Martí; Heras Barberá, Stella; Julián Inglada, Vicente
Open accessJoPha_3_2_01.pdf.jpgMay-2009Practical applications of agents and MAS: methods, techniques and tools for open MASBajo Pérez, Javier; Corchado Rodríguez, Juan Manuel; Botti Navarro, Vicente; Ossowski, Sascha
Open accessJoPha_2_1_04.pdf.jpgMar-2008Robust multi-robot formations under human supervision and controlElmaliach, Yehuda; Kaminka, Gal A.
Open accessJoPha_2_1_02.pdf.jpgMar-2008Distributed intelligence: overview of the field and its application in multi-robot systemsParker, Lynne E.
Open accessJoPha_2_1_03.pdf.jpgMar-2008Multiagent interactions in urban drivingBeeson, Patrick; O'Quin, Jack; Gillan, Bartley; Nimmagadda, Tarun; Ristroph, Mickey; Li, David; Stone, Peter
Open accessJoPha_2_2_04.pdf.jpgJun-2008Domestic applications for social robots: an online survey on the influence of appearance and capabilitiesLohse, Manja; Hegel, Frank; Wrede, Britta
Open accessJoPha_2_2_06.pdf.jpgJun-2008Inter-classifier feedback for human-robot interaction in a domestic settingLee, Juhyun; Knox, W. Bradley; Stone, Peter
Open accessJoPha_2_2_07.pdf.jpgJun-2008GlowBots: designing and implementing engaging human-robot interactionJacobsson, Mattias; Fernaeus, Ylva; Holmquist, Lars Erik