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Open accessColeine_etal_2024_ISMEJ.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2024Dryland microbiomes reveal community adaptations to desertification and climate changeColeine, Claudia; Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; DiRuggiero, Jocelyne, et al
Open accessNelson_etal_2024_ISMEJ.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2024Spatial organization of a soil cyanobacterium and its cyanosphere through GABA/Glu signaling to optimize mutualistic nitrogen fixationNelson, Corey; Dadi, Pavani; Shah, Dhara D., et al
Open accessRivas_etal_2024_FrontMarSci.pdf.jpg29-Feb-2024Relation between beluga whale aggregations and sea temperature on climate change forecastsRivas, Marga L.; Guirado, Emilio; Ortega, Zaida
Restricted accessBiancari_etal_2024_NewPhytologist_final.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2024Upper boundary on tree cover at global drylandsBiancari, Lucio; Aguiar, Martín R.; Saiz, Hugo, et al
Open accessQu_etal_2024_ISMEJ.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2024Stronger compensatory thermal adaptation of soil microbial respiration with higher substrate availabilityQu, Lingrui; Wang, Chao; Manzoni, Stefano, et al
Open accessRen_etal_2024_FunctionalEcology.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2024Pushing the limits of C3 intrinsic water use efficiency in Mediterranean semiarid steppes: Responses of a drought-avoider perennial grass to climate aridificationRen, Wei; García-Palacios, Pablo; Soliveres, Santiago, et al
Open accessKefi_etal_2024_PNAS.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2024Self-organization as a mechanism of resilience in dryland ecosystemsKéfi, Sonia; Génin, Alexandre; Garcia-Mayor, Angeles, et al
Open accessCorrochano-Monsalve_etal_2024_AppliedSoilEcology.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2024Influence of soil copper and zinc levels on the abundance of methanotrophic, nitrifying, and N2O-reducing microorganisms in drylands worldwideCorrochano-Monsalve, Mario; Saiz, Hugo; Maestre, Fernando T.
Open accessSmith_etal_2024_PNAS.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2024Extreme drought impacts have been underestimated in grasslands and shrublands globallySmith, Melinda D.; Wilkins, Kate D.; Holdrege, Martin C., et al
Open accessBanerjee_etal_2024_NatCommun.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2024Biotic homogenization, lower soil fungal diversity and fewer rare taxa in arable soils across EuropeBanerjee, Samiran; Zhao, Cheng; Garland, Gina, et al
Open accessMartinez-Valderrama_etal_2024_WaterResourManage.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2023Uberizing Agriculture in Drylands: A Few Enriched, Everyone EndangeredMartínez-Valderrama, Jaime; Gartzia, Rolando; Olcina, Jorge, et al
Open accessSaez-Sandino_etal_2023_NatClimChang_final.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2023The soil microbiome governs the response of microbial respiration to warming across the globeSáez-Sandino, Tadeo; García-Palacios, Pablo; Maestre, Fernando T., et al
Open accessMikryukov_etal_2023_SciAdv.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2023Connecting the multiple dimensions of global soil fungal diversityMikryukov, Vladimir; Dulya, Olesya; Zizka, Alexander, et al
Open accessSchwarz_etal_2023_Oikos.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2023Invasive earthworms modulate native plant trait expression and competitionSchwarz, Rike; Eisenhauer, Nico; Ferlian, Olga, et al
Open accessGuirado_etal_2023_PNAS.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2023The global biogeography and environmental drivers of fairy circlesGuirado, Emilio; Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Benito, Blas M., et al
Open accessLi_etal_2023_NatSustain_accepted.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2023Climate-driven ecological thresholds in China’s drylands modulated by grazingLi, Changjia; Fu, Bojie; Wang, Shuai, et al
Open accessLi_etal_2023_NatSciRev.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2023Nitrogen addition delays the emergence of an aridity-induced threshold for plant biomassLi, Hailing; Terrer, César; Berdugo, Miguel, et al
Open accessZhang_etal_2023_NatEcolEvol_final.pdf.jpg11-May-2023Water availability creates global thresholds in multidimensional soil biodiversity and functionsZhang, Jianwei; Feng, Youzhi; Maestre, Fernando T., et al
Open accessAguilar‐Trigueros_etal_2023_EcologyLetters.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2023Symbiotic status alters fungal eco-evolutionary offspring trajectoriesAguilar-Trigueros, Carlos A.; Krah, Franz-Sebastian; Cornwell, William K., et al
Open accessHernandez-Clemente_etal_2023_RemoteSensEcolConserv.pdf.jpg24-May-2023Global monitoring of soil multifunctionality in drylands using satellite imagery and field dataHernández Clemente, Rocío; Hornero, Alberto; Gonzalez-Dugo, Victoria, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149